UAE: How radar-like devices prevent road deaths during bad weather – News

UAE: How radar-like devices prevent road deaths during bad weather – News

The system is currently active on major highways and is scheduled to be expanded to include internal roads as well

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Published: Tuesday, October 17, 2023, 6:48 pm

Last updated: Tuesday, October 17, 2023, 11:09 p.m

Abu Dhabi Police has proven that an innovative road alert system designed to warn motorists of bad weather conditions and accidents is effective in saving lives, Abu Dhabi Police told Khaleej Times at the GITEX Global exhibition held in Dubai on Tuesday.

Authorities said no early deaths or serious injuries had been recorded since the installation of radar-like emergency devices along major highways in Abu Dhabi eight months ago.

Mohammed Al Hosani and Ahmed bin Hadi from Abu Dhabi Police

The alert system – deployed at a distance of 100 meters in each direction along E 11 or the Dubai-Abu Dhabi Expressway – is colour-coded.

“When the red and blue lights are flashing, it means there is a traffic accident in front of you. When the yellow light is flashing, all motorists must slow down due to severe weather conditions such as heavy fog, dust or rain. The warning device,” said Ahmed Bin Hadi of Abu Dhabi Police. The smartphone has four colors, but the fourth color is intended for future use.”

“If it’s yellow, make it mellow.”

Bin Hadi added: “Another important reminder when motorists see the yellow flashing is to slow down as all speed radars along the E-11 road will automatically reduce the maximum speed to 80 kilometers per hour, from the usual maximum speed of 140 kilometers per hour.” . Motorists who exceed the speed limit (80 km/h) during inclement weather will receive excessive speeding fines.

Mohammed Al Hosani, another police official, pointed out that the smart alert system is the latest in a series of road safety measures adopted by Abu Dhabi Police since 2018. He said that the safety measures that were implemented earlier include sending alerts via SMS to drivers. cars in Abu Dhabi, installing large screens and barriers, and installing radars and cameras to monitor large buses and heavy vehicles that are not allowed to be on the roads during bad weather conditions.

The solar-powered colour-coded warning devices were initially installed along the E-11 road, but authorities are currently working to complete their installation in the Al Dhafra region.

Internal roads in Abu Dhabi will soon have the same alert system for motorists. “Our goal is to enhance road safety and save lives,” police officials stressed.

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