‘UK-sized’ storm brings Thanksgiving nightmare amid tornado warning

‘UK-sized’ storm brings Thanksgiving nightmare amid tornado warning

Millions of Americans are facing a Thanksgiving nightmare as a “storm the size of Great Britain” sweeps the country.

Heavy rain, thunder and the threat of tornadoes threaten to wreak havoc on the roads over the next two days while airline passengers are warned of flight delays.

Watch here: UK weather forecast

“This is a very large area of ​​storms building up over the central and southern US states,” said Jim Dale, a social commentator and US weather correspondent for the British Weather Service.

“It is approximately the size of Great Britain and will bring very unstable weather conditions that will bring heavy rain, winds and thunderstorms, and there will also be a risk of tornadoes over the coming days.

“The main risk for storms will be Monday through Wednesday, and while things may calm down for Thanksgiving itself, there will likely be travel disruption for the holiday.”

Experts warn that the storm will head east through Monday, hitting Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi and the Rocky Mountains.

Weather in the United States:

Low pressure hovers over the central and southern states

WX charts

Low temperatures in the north will also lead to the risk of ice and snow forming on hills and mountains.

Winds will sweep the central regions during the next three days, with heavy rains expected in the mid-Atlantic states.

“A very strong storm system will pass through the country,” said Aurelone Sidney, a meteorologist with The Weather Channel.

“We’re looking at places like Dallas and Kansas City to Omaha.

Low pressure vortexes around the central and southern states (2)

Low pressure hovers over the central and southern states

WX charts

“Delays are also likely late Monday in East Texas, into the Mississippi Valley, due to strong thunderstorms.

“On Tuesday, it will be chaos from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast to New England.”

She added that Wednesday appears to be calmer, despite the risk of snowfall in the west of the country.

“We’re still expecting some wintry rain and maybe some rain on the coast, but overall, it’s not too bad,” she said.

It warned that people traveling through Utah could experience delays Thursday due to snow while thunderstorms continue in Miami through Thanksgiving.

Meteorologists warn that after a short period of calm, a cold wave from the north will follow the storm, plunging the country into a cold wave.

“Thursday doesn’t look too bad, but in the lead-up to the weekend, there will be a risk of something colder coming from the north,” said Dale, author of Weather or Not?

People planning to travel at the beginning of the week may be in for a “bumpy” trip, according to DFW Weather

“If you’re traveling on Monday, or if you’re going to East Texas to visit family or to Louisiana to Mississippi or even Arkansas, it could be a little bumpy there because there will be some scattered strong to severe thunderstorms,” ​​a company spokesperson said. .

“There’s less snow the further north you go.”

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