UK snow maps: Polar blast brings ten days of snow

UK snow maps: Polar blast brings ten days of snow

Heavy snow is set to fall across the UK over the next week, with new weather maps showing a deep layer of snow could remain in some areas for up to ten days.

The coming Arctic blast will bring temperatures plummeting starting last night, with temperatures barely reaching above zero in the following days.

Scotland will be the first to be affected with the Met Office imposing a yellow weather warning for snow and ice throughout today and into tomorrow.

Weather maps from WX Charts indicate that parts of northern Scotland could see around 10cm of snow over the next two days.

An arctic blast heading towards the North Pole will bring temperatures plummeting starting last nightWX charts

Meanwhile, Northern Ireland could also see up to 5cm of snow on higher ground on Monday, with a yellow warning in place from 3am until the end of the day.

By Tuesday, snow is also set to settle in areas of northern England, with anywhere north of Manchester at risk.

Come Wednesday, the latest weather maps indicate it will be the South’s turn to be hit by a deluge of snow.

Up to 11cm of snow will fall per hour in parts of Cornwall and Devon. Even after the snow stops falling, the ground will be covered in up to 12cm of white for several days to come.

Weather chart

Wednesday will witness snowfall in the south, while a heavy layer will remain in the north

WX charts

Weather chart

The snow will continue to accumulate deep until it is washed away by heavy rain

WX charts

WX charts indicate that the last of the snow will not be cleared until after heavy rain falls within ten days.

Giving the forecast for next week, Conor Creswick, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “It will be very cold in the north of Scotland.

“Throughout the week, we will see more and more snow showers and warnings, and towards the end of the week, we will likely see accumulation.

“The warning is for 2cm to 5cm of snow, throughout the week there is a possibility we will see snow accumulation.

“The maximum temperature in Aberdeen will reach 2C on Sunday but it will likely feel cold.

“Snow showers will move inland throughout the day.

“It continues throughout the day Sunday into Monday and we are likely to see snow accumulation and other warnings.

“We will see showers feeding mainly across Scotland, Northern Ireland and the east coast of England. It should be dry and bright inland.

“On Tuesday, we will see more rain turning to snow moving eastward across the country, with more prolonged snow and more accumulations at low levels in northern Scotland and northern England.

“This is where we could see 5cm or 10cm of snow in the lower areas.

“There is very little possibility that the South will see any part of it.”

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