UK weather: Butlin’s resort closed and reports of ‘mini tornado’ as Met Office issues rain warning | UK News

The Met Office has issued fresh yellow weather warnings for rain, with forecasters saying more flooding and difficult driving conditions could be on the way.

Monday 18 September 2023 at 16:14, United Kingdom

A seaside holiday resort in Somerset has been closed for four days after thunderstorms and heavy rain caused flooding in parts of England.

The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for Wales and northwest England on Tuesday and Wednesday, with forecasters saying at least four inches of rain could fall “widespread”.

Storms tore through many areas Sunday and overnight, and the southwest saw flash flooding that forced the area to flood Exeter Airport closed – While Littlehampton residents reported damage to homes and cars caused by a “mini-tornado”.

Butlin’s in Minehead said it had made the “difficult decision” to close from Monday to Thursday after “exceptional rainfall” left the resort “unable” to deliver the experience its customers would normally expect.

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In a statement, Butlin said: “We have experienced an exceptional amount of rainfall at our Minehead Resort today, resulting in the closure of a number of our venues (including our pool, buffet restaurants and central theatre), as well as the closure of our accommodation units.

“The team has been working hard to disinfect the affected areas, however, we cannot give you the full Butlin’ experience you have come to expect from us.

He added: “We understand how frustrating this will be for you and your family, and we did not make this decision lightly and we are deeply sorry.”

Exeter Airport is flooded

Residents of Littlehampton, West Sussex, reported damage to cars, trees and homes late on Sunday.

A Met Office spokesman said conditions were “not quite right” for a “weak cyclone” to form, the Argus reported.

“With such a large amount of wind shear, in the wind shift zone, it is possible that some of this circulation was extended by strong convection currents and formed a weak, short-lived cyclone,” they added.

But the spokesperson noted that although a small tornado was likely, they had “no observational evidence to support that.”

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Almost a month’s worth of rain fell on Sunday at the Bird’s Hill rain gauge on the edge of Exmoor.

Other areas saw up to 60mm of rain, more than half the September average for the region of 92.45mm.

Two flood warnings were issued on Monday afternoon, while there were also 10 active flood warnings, according to the Environment Agency.

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More storms possible for the UK

This comes as forecasters indicate the possibility of more storms Remnants of Hurricane LeeThe hurricane, which struck New England in the United States and eastern Canada, is scheduled to move across the United Kingdom between Tuesday and Thursday.

It will not become a hurricane by the time it reaches UK shores, but Jonathan Vautrey, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “It could be a quite unstable autumn week.”

Sky News meteorologist Christopher England also warned of flooding and difficult conditions in the coming days.

“After heavy rain and thunderstorms over the last day or so, there will be a change to more autumnal conditions, with showers or longer periods of rain extending from the west,” he said.

“The rain will be heavier and longer lasting over some western hills over the next couple of days, especially Wales and northwest England, with widespread rainfall of 100mm, and double that in places.

“Expect difficult driving conditions at times, and some localized flooding.”

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