UK weather forecast: New maps turn red as temperatures rise by 11C | Weather | News

UK weather forecast: New maps turn red as temperatures rise by 11C |  Weather |  News

New maps show the exact date when thermometers will begin to rise, marking the end of the cold and snow for many.

The Met Office said February “could be special on many fronts”, with exceptionally mild and wet conditions prevailing across the UK.

She also pointed to the flow of cold air from Scandinavia’s floods towards the country – which is why parts of northern Britain are currently experiencing snowfall – while the south is today (February 8) being hit by heavy rain.

But in late February, WXCHARTS and Netweather maps showed a milder period creeping in, and now experts are explaining why. Average temperatures are expected to reach double figures from around February 18, with highs of up to 14°C in the south.

Paul Davies, chief meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “Against this background, the tropical Atlantic is very warm. Sea temperatures off the north-west coast of Africa are currently matching normal July values.”

But before anyone takes off their sunglasses and puts on their winter coats, the end of winter is yet to come, with the Met Office already forecasting more cold weather in March.

Paul Davies added: “It is a step closer with only minor fluctuations in weather patterns changing the course of development and the associated impact on the UK.

“Until early March, there is an increased chance of snow or rain, particularly in the north and east of the UK with a greater than usual likelihood of disturbing snowfall. Winter risks in identified locations will become more apparent as the lead time decreases.

“So our advice is to keep up to date with the latest forecasts and warnings.”

Jim Dale, chief meteorologist at the British Meteorological Service, said that the United Kingdom will witness a mild period during the next week to 10 days, but this forecast may change.

He told “The weather will definitely be milder, the limited snowfields will disappear soon, and although no records have been broken, the upcoming theme is mostly mild. It will also be changeable, with some heavy rain at times.” “. Especially in the western regions.

Weather maps show that Sunday 18 February is the date when temperatures start to rise – with places like Stoke and Norwich seeing highs of up to 11C. Areas near Cambridgeshire could see warmth of around 14°C.

But by February 24, early indications point to the cold possibly returning, with thermometers once again dipping below freezing.

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