UK Weather: Latest Sky News Forecast | Weather News

UK Weather: Latest Sky News Forecast |  Weather News

by Jo Wheeler, weather anchor

Tuesday 30 April 2024 at 15:52, United Kingdom

We will replace the warm southerly flow with a warmer easterly flow for the rest of the week.

However, we will also see some heavy rain and thunderstorms at times. Wednesday night into Thursday morning will be the first observation point. The second will be early Friday.

Low pressure in the Atlantic will drift away, bringing rain and strong winds to the west.

This will turn increasingly to rain through the rest of the day, although we will see some heavy showers over Wales and the southwest.

A second area of ​​rain over East Anglia and the south-east will move northwards overnight, extending across the eastern counties.

This rain will reach north-east England by morning.

There will be fairly dense clouds over the central and eastern regions, but the sky will be clearer in the west.

There will be a fair amount of dry weather but some rain will persist over Ireland and western Scotland.

Heavy rain will reach eastern Scotland by midday with showers falling in the south.

Ireland, being closest to the retreating low pressure system, will see sunshine and rain during the morning.

It will be a warm day with temperatures reaching high degrees Celsius in the sunnier areas.

The onshore flow will keep the North Sea coasts cloudy and cold with daytime temperatures rising to just 11°C or 12°C.

The weather will become a little warmer in East Anglia, South Lincolnshire and the South East as skies brighten later in the day.

The afternoon will bring another area of ​​rain from the south.

This will spread from the nearby continent, moving across the ventral part of southern England into eastern Wales and the southwest.

The weather will become drier elsewhere, with the southeast becoming bright and sunny.

Ireland will also be warm and sunny with light winds. Isolated showers in the West will die out.

Western Scotland will be fine, but cloudier in the central and eastern parts with occasional showers.

Overnight, rain will fall over much of southern Ireland, western Wales and the southwest.

However, this wet weather will be volatile in some places, with heavy rain, frequent thunder and lightning, and the possibility of hail.

The weather will be mostly dry elsewhere but cloudy on many east coasts and also central and southern England.

Skies will clear to the north-east during the day with some good sunny spells over much of Scotland, Northern Ireland, northern England and East Anglia.

It will be very warm inside, with temperatures likely to reach 20 degrees Celsius in some places.

The eastern coasts will be cooler with new land flow.

The southwestern parts will be rather gloomy with more heavy rain.

Heavy rain will remain in the far south of Ireland.

Friday will be another warm but cloudy day for many with more rain.

The North Sea counties along with Scotland will have clearer skies.

By the end of the week, low pressure will return to the west, so it will still be unsettled but also warm for most.

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