UK weather maps show a three-day deluge of snow coming this month at a rate of 2cm per hour

UK weather maps show a three-day deluge of snow coming this month at a rate of 2cm per hour

Britons look set to face three consecutive days of snow later this month, with snow falling at both ends of the country.

“It is now increasingly likely that we will see at least one or two winter blasts from late November through the first half of December,” James Madden, a forecaster at Exacta Weather, previously said.

Now, advanced weather model maps from WX Charts have pinpointed when the first of these winter blasts will come. These images show a huge snow front forming over the sea north of Scotland on November 22 before arriving in Scotland early on November 23.

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Forecast for November 23 at 6 am(Image: Met Office)

This morning is likely to see severe flurries in the Scottish mountains, where snow is expected to fall at a rate of about 2 cm per hour, as well as in Inverness and Aberdeen.

WX Charts’ weather maps show the snow front heading south, hitting a few major cities along the way. By midday on Friday, people in north-east England, north Wales and around Manchester were able to see some snow. The North Pennines and Yorkshire Dales are expected to see the strongest gusts in England, with snow falling at a rate of between 0.5 and 1 cm per hour.

Forecast for November 24 at midday(Image: Met Office)

Snow is also expected to fall in England on November 25, which is also when the flurries should finally end in Scotland. WX Charts show snowfall at a rate of around 1-2cm per hour in parts of the Midlands.

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