UK Weather: Met Office issues two yellow warnings for snow covering Wales and the Peak District | UK News

UK Weather: Met Office issues two yellow warnings for snow covering Wales and the Peak District |  UK News

Meteorologists said some rural communities may be isolated, power outages are likely, and travel disruption is possible in areas covered by the warnings.

Wednesday 7 February 2024 at 10:59, United Kingdom

The Met Office has issued two yellow weather warnings for snowfall.

Both come into force on Thursday, with the first covering north Wales and northwest Shropshire, and the other the Peak District and the South Pennines.

The warning for Wales runs from 8am to 3pm, while the warning for the Peak District begins at 12pm on Thursday and runs until 6pm.

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The amber warning for Wales and northwest Shropshire says snow and ice are “expected to cause disruption”.

The Met Office says there is a “good chance that some rural communities will be temporarily isolated”.

People have also been warned of possible road travel delays, with some vehicles and passengers likely to be stranded.

Interruptions to rail services are also possible, with possible power outages and interruptions to mobile phone coverage.

The yellow warning for the Peak District and South Pennines also states that travel disruption can be expected.

Rural communities could be isolated, delays to rail services likely, and power outages possible.

There is also a yellow snow and ice warning for most of Northern Ireland and the northern tip of Scotland on Thursday.

Much of southern England will be covered in a yellow rain warning on the same day, with people warning that “periods of heavy rainfall” could cause flooding of homes and businesses.

The yellow warning is the second most serious alert issued by the Met Office – with yellow being the least serious and red being the most serious.

Drivers in the North West are warned to plan ahead (Lenham in Kent last week)

A yellow snow warning was issued for much of England and North Wales on Thursday.

The warning, which covers the Midlands and parts of northern England including Leeds, York and Carlisle, is in place between 6am and 6pm.

He warns that a period of snowfall could lead to disruption and that some rural communities may be isolated.

Travel delays and power outages are also possible.

A yellow snow warning covers the same area on Friday, and will also be in effect between 6am and 6pm.

The alerts come on Thursday and Friday, with yellow warnings in place in northern Scotland today.

Snow and ice are expected to lead to difficult driving conditions and potential disruption to rail networks.

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