UK Weather Radar: Maps show which parts of the UK could see snow

UK Weather Radar: Maps show which parts of the UK could see snow

The UK is set to see bright and sunny spells as mild temperatures return to the country, but some areas could see snowfall by the end of the week as conditions turn colder.

Although last month saw some of the warmest days on record for a February, the country has seen a frosty start to spring due to a column of arctic air moving across Iceland into the UK from the west.

Tuesday is largely expected to be bright and sunny, but a band of rain entered southwest England late Monday, which will move across the east during the day bringing some rain and drizzle.

The weather system bringing wet weather on Monday to the south-west remains in place and some rain will continue throughout most of the day in East Anglia and the south-east, Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said.

South-east England, parts of the midlands and north-east will see some rain as the band moves eastwards with sometimes strong winds. Some snow is possible over the higher ground in Scotland.

The West will enjoy sunnier weather with long sunny spells developing during the day.

Temperatures will hover around normal March averages after a cold start to the spring season that saw snow fall on higher ground over the weekend.

The north could see temperatures in the single digits while some areas in the south could see up to 12°C.

The Met Office forecast calls for rain and snow on Tuesday morning, with a band of rain seen covering the eastern parts of the country in blue while some snow and sleet could be seen in the north. (office met)

The rest of the week is generally calm, characterized by bright or sunny periods. There are likely to be showers of rain, especially on Tuesday, accompanied by active winds in the northwest.

“It won't be completely rain-free, but certainly compared to recent weeks, it will be less wet now,” McGivern said.

Temperatures will likely be a little higher than average, creating a pleasant feeling in the sunshine.

However, some snow is likely to fall later in the week in the north-east with temperatures falling in parts of Scotland, unlike the south which is still seeing 12-13C.

The Met Office forecast on Friday calls for snow to fall on Friday in parts of Scotland as the rest of the country enjoys pleasant weather (office met)

He said: “A noticeable variation in temperatures begins to form during Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.” “We will see temperatures between 6 and 7 degrees Celsius and active winds coming from the North Sea.”

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