UK weather: Warnings across the country for snow and floods

UK weather: Warnings across the country for snow and floods

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Weather warnings remain in force as snow and rain continue to fall across the UK.

Yellow warnings for snow and ice are in place for much of Scotland through Friday and Saturday, with power outages and travel disruption possible.

“We’ve been through the worst of it, but it’s still not quite clear,” the Met Office’s Dan Stroud said.

This comes after a cold blast sent temperatures below freezing in parts of the country and led to the closure of dozens of schools in the northern regions of England and Wales on Thursday.

About 10 cm (3.9 inches) of snow was recorded in Kirkwall, Scotland, while 9 cm was seen in Bingley, West Yorkshire.

BBC meteorologist Elizabeth Resini said that Friday will not be cold in most northern regions, but conditions may remain unpleasant and stormy in eastern Scotland, northeastern England and the eastern regions of Northern Ireland.

She added that higher parts of Scotland could still see some snow, but it would likely fall in the form of sleet or rain at lower levels.

She added: “Moderate air will gradually creep into all parts of the UK over the weekend, and on Saturday wintry weather will be limited to the far north of Scotland and Shetland.”

The yellow warnings that are still present are:

  • A yellow weather warning for snow and ice covering southern and central Scotland came into force at 12:00 GMT on Thursday and will end at 15:00 on Friday.
  • A yellow weather warning for snow and ice for central and northern Scotland from 15:00 on Friday until 18:00 on Saturday.

The Met Office said southern areas of Scotland were likely to see some travel delays on Friday morning.

She added that in the central and northern regions, there is a greater possibility of flight delays, as well as interruptions in power supplies and other services such as mobile phone coverage.

Flood warnings in England – issued by the Environment Agency – are centered around Birmingham, Derby, Milton Keynes and East Yorkshire.

Warnings are also in place along the south coast, including Southampton, Bournemouth, Weymouth and Plymouth.

More than 200 less serious flood warnings have also been issued in the Midlands and across southern England.

Image source, Environment Agency

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The map shows flood warnings across England for Friday

On Thursday, 43.2mm of rain was recorded in Harbertonford, south Devon, almost half the average of what the area usually sees for the entire month of February.

World leaders pledged in 2015 to try to limit long-term temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, a target seen as crucial to helping avoid the most damaging impacts of climate change.

Urgent action to cut carbon emissions can still slow global warming, scientists say.

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