UVic News – University of Victoria

UVic News – University of Victoria

Update January 18 at 5:10 p.m.:

UVic is closely monitoring Environment Canada’s forecast for this evening and into tomorrow. Meanwhile, snow is falling in many parts of Greater Victoria, then it is expected to turn to rain after midnight, with temperatures rising.

Based on this information and early morning assessments on campus tomorrow, We will make a decision before 7am About whether the campus will open at its usual time or if we need to delay the opening. Please check uvic.ca for updates.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding throughout this dynamic weather.

Updated January 18 at 12:00 PM:

The campus closed on January 18 at 1 p.m

Unfortunately, weather and road conditions have deteriorated, and more snow is expected. The campus will be closed today as of 1 p.m

We are working hard to keep our campus open in order to provide the high-quality in-person education our students have come to expect. The decision to open or close a campus during winter weather conditions is complex and based on the best information we have at the time. Unfortunately, today’s weather forecast changed unexpectedly mid-morning and we had to respond by closing the campus at midday.

We know that closing in the middle of the day is a challenge. Thank you to everyone for your understanding and flexibility and to the Facilities Management, Campus Security, Dining Services and other staff who worked hard to open our campus safely.

In-person activities must conclude by 1 p.m., except for on-campus services necessary for the continued operation and safety of the campus. Please take your time and finish your personal activities. Online classes and administrative activities conducted remotely will continue.

During campus closures, UVic teachers have the option to cancel, reschedule or move their classes online. Subject to approval by the Department Chair/Director, instructors will reschedule or make alternative arrangements for midterm exams. Teachers are responsible for communicating with their students about their plans regarding classes during the closure. Contact your teachers directly if you have questions about how the weather will affect your classroom.

We will provide an update by 6pm on campus status for tomorrow.

Updated January 18 at 6:00 AM:

The campus is open on Thursday, January 18. Please plan ahead, allow extra time, wear appropriate clothing and shoes, and be prepared for snowy and icy conditions.

Update January 17 at 4:45 p.m.:

Weather and road conditions are improving! Thank you to our Facilities Management and Campus Security teams who worked hard to address winter conditions on campus today.

We expect to reopen the campus on Thursday, January 18th. We will share updates on uvic.ca if our reopening plans change due to evolving circumstances.

CARSA and McKinnon will open at 8 a.m. on January 18. Plan ahead and be safe! Check individual unit websites for their operating hours.

Updated January 17 at 11:00 AM:

The campus was closed on January 17 due to weather conditions

Due to difficult weather conditions and transportation disruptions in the area, the UVic campus is closed today at 12:30 p.m.

A campus closure due to snow is not an emergency and immediate departure from campus is not required. We encourage everyone on campus to take their time and finish their personal activities. Online classes and administrative activities conducted remotely will continue.

While the campus is closed, academic and administrative positions will continue to be available remotely. The closure only applies to activities that must take place on the physical campus.

Please stay safe! Plan ahead, allow extra time, wear proper clothing and shoes and be prepared for snowy and icy conditions.

We are actively monitoring weather conditions to determine when it is safe to reopen campus. UVic crews address slippery conditions on priority.

It is never easy to make the decision to adjust our campus hours based on road conditions. We make the best possible decision based on the information available at that time. Thank you to everyone who made the effort to come to campus and to the staff who worked hard to open campus safely this morning. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as this situation develops today.

If you have questions about how the campus closure will affect you, please contact your instructor or supervisor.

For more advice and UVic’s snow plan, visit uvic.ca/weather.

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