Very cold temperatures this weekend. Here’s how cold it can get

Very cold temperatures this weekend.  Here’s how cold it can get

Pack your bags because it’s going to be cold in Florida for the next couple of days. Part of the polar vortex over the eastern United States brings Arctic air to the Sunshine State — causing temperatures to drop in the Sunshine State.

Although it’s not certain yet — and depends on some weather factors — it could be one of the coldest outbreaks in Florida this winter.

Timeline: When will cold air arrive in Florida — and how long will it last?

Friday: A cold front is expected to move across the entire state on Friday, bringing rain and showers during the morning and afternoon hours. However, the rain will not be widespread; It will be sparse. Some people may not see any rain at all.

Saturday: The clouds should clear early Saturday morning leaving a bright and sunny day. However, no factors will influence us as to how it “feels” outside, which will still feel cold. Saturday morning temperatures are expected to reach the high 30s and 40s across much of Central Florida, although it will feel like the 20s and 30s.

Sunday: Temperatures are expected to be in the 30s during the morning hours, and warm during the afternoon hours.

Weather forecast for Saturday morning

How cold is the weather in Florida?

The average high this weekend is:

  • Orlando: 72 degrees
  • Jacksonville: 65 degrees
  • Tampa: 71 degrees
  • Miami: 76 degrees
  • Tallahassee: 64 degrees

The average decline this weekend is:

  • Orlando: 49 degrees
  • Jacksonville: 43 degrees
  • Tampa: 53 degrees
  • Miami: 61 degrees
  • Tallahassee: 40 degrees

Record-breaking cold temperatures? Probably not

The perpetual record lows for the morning of January 20 are:

  • Orlando: 29 degrees (1971)
  • Jacksonville: 7 Degrees (1985)
  • Tampa: 21 degrees (1985)
  • Miami: 34 Degrees (1985)
  • Tallahassee: 28 degrees (1985)

Some locations in North Florida may come close to the records, but Central and South Florida will not. This is because the records from 1985 were from one of the largest and most significant outbreaks of Arctic air in the known meteorological history of the United States, and this episode was not as severe as that one.

In Orlando, the low temperature Sunday morning is expected to reach around 38 degrees Fahrenheit. This is approximately a month ahead of what is historically normal.

Typically, the first time Orlando sees temperatures of 38 degrees or lower is February 18. The earliest date temperatures dropped to at least 38 degrees was Dec. 6, 1949. In Orlando, the temperature was a bitter 37 degrees on April 2, 1919, according to records.

Can it be cold enough to snow in Central Florida?

According to FOX 35 Meteorologist Noah Bergen, there is no chance of snow or snow in Central Florida this weekend.

However, earlier this week, blowing snow and sleet were reported in the Florida Panhandle, including areas near Milton and Destin.

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Jay resident Miranda Simpson-Weiss Kill shared a video with FOX 35 from outside her home around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday, showing snow on the ground in her driveway. Jay is located just a few miles south of the Florida-Alabama border and about an hour north of Pensacola.

When will the cold end – and when will it warm up?

A cold front will move in on Monday, while warm air from Mexico will head toward us. This is good news because the temperatures will be more like Florida. We could see temperatures in the 80s next week, which will be above average for the season.

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