We are 10 days away from summer, and snow is on the way

We are 10 days away from summer, and snow is on the way

We may only be 10 days away from the official start of summer, but there’s snow on the way.

MetService is forecasting up to 400 meters of snow will hit Southland and Otago on Friday, as a series of cold fronts sweep across the country late in the week.

The arrival of the south was expected to bring temperatures down.

The temperature in Christchurch is expected to reach 28 degrees Celsius with northwesterly winds on Thursday, then no more than 14 degrees Celsius as southerly winds pick up on Friday.

The air bringing the cold temperatures will come from deep within the Southern Ocean, said MetService meteorologist John Law.

“The real noticeable impact will be in places on the east coast of the South Island, where we will find a significant drop in temperatures.”

Southerly winds are also expected to be strong for some time over the weekend along the eastern coasts.

Summer is almost here, but first there's a cold snap to overcome.


Summer is almost here, but first there’s a cold snap to overcome.

“There will be some snow. It will drop to low levels farther south,” Lu said.

But it was expected that there would be high pressure behind this. “So what we’re going to end up with is cool but dry air.”

MetService expects the weekend to be dry across most of the country, but this does not include Wellington, Wairarapa, Hawke’s Bay and Tairawhiti, where there is a chance of heavy rain at times from Friday to Sunday.

Lu said the southern regions are expected to have some influence even in the north.

“I think you’ll find even there that it’s getting colder. It might be a cold night overnight Friday into Saturday, with temperatures dropping to 9 or 10 degrees Celsius in parts of Auckland, but daytime highs are still in the teens.”

Christchurch - Hot one day, shivering the next.

Chris Skelton/Things

Christchurch – Hot one day, shivering the next.

The MetService forecast showed wet weather in Auckland through Saturday, with strong southerly blows on Saturday, followed by a beautiful day on Sunday.

Wellington is promised a gorgeous Wednesday, with sunshine, light winds and a temperature of 21°C. But then it was downhill, and while Thursday was still fine, the rain and the south started moving in after that. The expected high on Saturday was only 13 degrees Celsius.

Conditions were looking good in Christchurch until Thursday evening, when southerly winds were due to arrive. Maximum temperatures during the day are expected to drop to 14 degrees Celsius on Friday and Saturday, with a drop to 4 degrees Celsius during the night on Saturday and Sunday.

While temperatures will drop significantly in Christchurch, they are still expected to be well above the daytime lows recorded in the city during November. It was a day in 1967 when the maximum temperature reached only about 8 degrees Celsius.

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