Weather Alert: Flood Watch issued; More rain is expected on Wednesday

Tony Petrarca and TJ Del Santo

12 hours ago

***A Flood Warning has been issued for all of Rhode Island and Bristol Counties in Massachusetts for Wednesday*** More rain and thunderstorms are expected to cause flash floods in the areas

Good evening!

The weather is expected to be drier during the remainder of the day, with occasional rain showers. More rain is expected later Wednesday and of course we continue to track Hurricane Lee.

Yesterday there was heavy rain in a short period of time. Anywhere between three and eight inches of rain fell!

This afternoon

Some scattered rain is possible this afternoon and evening. Highs today will be in the upper 70s and it will be very humid.

hour by hour // An hourly look at the upcoming conditions »

We could see some rain this afternoon, but it should not be heavy or widespread.


Clouds/fog and a little drizzle possible tonight and some patchy fog. The lowest level is around 68

Ocean, Gulf and Beach // A look at conditions on the coast »

Tomorrow and Thursday

Wednesday will start to dry out.

Some rain and storms are possible in the afternoon and evening. Some rain may be heavy, and areas that have seen heavy rain may see additional flooding. Also, although the chance is low, a flash tornado is possible.

Thursday is expected to bring clear skies and low humidity.

Tropics and Hurricane Lee

Lee remains a Category 3 hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean.

We expect Lee to head north today. This “cone of uncertainty” still includes parts of southern New England (Cape Cod and Nantucket) for Lee’s possible path. Even if Lee passes directly along the red line, we will likely see some rain and wind Friday night and Saturday. Either way, large ocean waves and dangerous rip currents are expected on Friday and through the weekend.

A track along the red line from the National Hurricane Center will bring us some rain and wind.

The closer track will bring us heavy rain (which we definitely don’t need), and some strong winds.

The farther east track (on the eastern edge of the NHC’s cone of uncertainty) will bring us a mainly dry but breezy day.

Either way, big ocean waves are expected to start late Thursday and continue through the weekend. Please stay away from rocks and jetties and be aware of dangerous currents.

-Meteorologist TJ Del Santo

TJ Del Santo ( is the weekday morning and noon meteorologist for 12 News. Connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

TJ Del Santo ( is the weekday morning and noon meteorologist for 12 News. Connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

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