Weather Alert: Flood Watch Today; Watch Hurricane Lee

Flood watch For the day. More rain and isolated storms will lead to some street flooding and poor drainage. Please, do not attempt to drive across a flooded road. Find another route to your destination.

Good morning! Hope you had a nice weekend. More rain and rain are expected today, which could lead to flooding. We are also closely monitoring Hurricane Lee.


The weather will remain very humid today with temperatures in the mid 70s.

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Heavy rain is likely this morning, but is likely to arrive midday and during the afternoon. Heavy rain can lead to flooding during the evening commute. Please do not drive through a flooded road.

The threat of rain, rain and storms will continue into the evening.

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Morning clouds and fog will give way to partial sunshine on Tuesday.

Tuesday looks like a mainly dry day with highs in the 70s. It will still be very wet.

Tropical regions

We continue to monitor Hurricane Lee, which is now located north of the Leeward Islands. Lee is a bit stronger, and is now a Category 3 storm with maximum sustained winds of 120 mph.

Lee is expected to start moving north on Wednesday. Note the cone of uncertainty with Lee (below). Portions of southern New England will likely be placed in this area of ​​uncertainty by the 11 a.m. update from the National Hurricane Center. Either way, big ocean waves will start impacting our oceanfront beaches this week. Rain and some rain are likely over the weekend.

Looking further into the future than the National Hurricane Center gives us, we can use “spaghetti plots.” These are the different operations of our computer models. They all continue to meet on the road to our east. With a track in the middle of the yellow shaded area, we will likely see some wind and rain, but the track closer to us will give us more rain/wind. The track on the east side of the potential trails will give us a dry and breezy weekend. Either way, big waves are expected mid to late week and over the weekend.

Waves of 6 to 10 feet are possible on our oceanfront beaches, and dangerous rip currents are expected. Please stay away from rocks and jetties this week.

-Meteorologist TJ Del Santo

TJ Del Santo ( is the weekday morning and noon meteorologist for 12 News. Connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

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