Weather and Events at Woodlands Weekend – September 15 – 17, 2023 – Like Manna from Heaven…

THE WOODLANDS, Texas – For the past twenty-four hours or so, there has been something strange in the air. literally. It’s called “rain” just in case you forgot.

First the rain, then temperatures in the 60s

Wet things are back in force, with thunder rumbling and raindrops hitting our roofs and windowsills. The Woodlands Online Weather Team would like to personally thank everyone who washed their car earlier this week, which resulted in rain. Better yet, as we enter the final week before fall officially arrives, overnight temperatures will reflect that and we’ll actually have a few nights in the 60s.

Many residents of The Woodlands spent the afternoon getting wet, much to the surprise of many when they were caught exiting restaurants without their umbrellas. Storms will persist across the area until early evening, just before sunset, when they will gradually subside but perhaps not completely disappear. With the release of moisture that has been gathering in the air, our heat index will now drop significantly, and we will see temperatures quickly drop from the 80s to an overnight low of 73. Now, barring a major flood or thunderstorm, football games will continue in High School this evening, and Woodlands Online will stream three live games. If you don’t want to take the chance of getting a wet ass on the bleachers seat, get ready to catch Conroe vs. Willis in a battle royal.

On Saturday, the gray clouds that covered the sky on Friday will continue, but with most of the moisture leaving them. The high temperature of 91 degrees and moderate winds may encourage you to get outside for a while and hit the town… but bring an umbrella and a jacket, just in case. Overnight, we’ll drop to 71, thanks to eternal gratitude to your air conditioning unit. Throughout the afternoon and evening, there will be some great live music at the Montgomery Music Festival, and we know you know you’ll hate to miss it..

Sunday will break out with cloudy skies that will eventually clear up as rain chances drop to near zero. Starting around lunchtime, we’ll enjoy mostly sunny skies and a high of 92 degrees, which will feel only one degree warmer considering the poor humidity. But the biggest surprise will come when you’re probably asleep; The thermometer will drop all the way to a positive temperature of 67 degrees. Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor type, the Montgomery County Home & Outdoor Living Show has you covered.

We won’t even get out of the 70s until Monday morning, and the overall cooling trend will continue, hopefully for the rest of 2023. But even if that’s not the case, we could enjoy many days next week of highs in the 90s. Instead of the 100s and the lows in the 60s and 70s instead of the 80s…

Stay tuned for weather updates from Woodlands Online, and be sure to tune in on Monday for ‘next week’ forecasts.

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