Weather Blog | Wednesday cold front, looking forward to the next 10 days

Weather Blog |  Wednesday cold front, looking forward to the next 10 days

Good Tuesday bloggers (Election Day),

Our weather pattern remains fairly calm, leaving us with one major cold front to track over the next few days. We are also tracking low clouds. And we’ll be looking at the next 10 days as well. Any changes?

The gorgeous sunrise through the high clouds was interrupted by the low clouds. These low clouds should not become overcast throughout the day. Therefore, we are still continuing to maintain our high temperature forecast of 74 degrees.

Jeff Penner

You can see where there are no low clouds, and highs may reach the upper 70s. In areas with lots of clouds, highs will be in the upper 60s to low 70s. Regardless, it will be a beautiful day to head to the polls this Election Day. There won’t be any rain from the clouds.


Jeff Penner

A cold front will move in during the morning. A thick band of low clouds will form along and behind the front. There may be some fog, but we don’t expect any measurable rain.

The biggest problem will be the temperature forecast. There is a tendency to see the front come in during the morning and a thick band of low clouds in our area during peak heat. So, we may see daytime temperatures around 60 degrees. Locations ahead of the front will see highs near 80 degrees. Locations behind the front and low clouds may bounce into the mid to upper 60s. This is not a strong cold front.


Jeff Penner


Jeff Penner

Next 10 days:
Before we look at the next 10 days. Let’s look back at the last 30 days. Rainfall averaged 6″-8″ from across Emporia, Kansas to Richmond, Missouri. Rainfall amounts ranging from 8 to 13 inches were found around Emporia. This reduced the level of drought in this region from 6 to 13 rainfall zones. Now, look at northwest Missouri. Rainfall was 1″-2″. They still need a little rain. This also applies to locations in southern Missouri.

Also, 90% of the rain that fell during the past 30 days occurred between October 24 and 29.


Jeff Penner

From the USA’s vantage point, you can see most of the rain that has occurred over the past 30 days along and east of I-35 and along and north of I-80.


Jeff Penner

Our weather pattern remains fairly calm for at least the next 10 days.

Precipitation will be below average to much less or none in locations that have seen the most rainfall over the past 30 days. Rainfall will become above average in areas that have been very dry over the past 30 days.

KC is in the mostly dry category. We may see some fog tomorrow and there is a possibility of a storm between November 15th and 20th. But for now, the weather pattern looks calm.


Jeff Penner

Temperatures will be cooler (below average) with chances of rain remaining. Otherwise, most of the United States will see temperatures well above average.

KC falls into the above to well above average category which means the highs are mostly in the 60s and the lows are 35-45.


Jeff Penner

Have a wonderful day and the rest of your week.
Stay healthy.

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