Weather Blog | Where does rain fall around Kansas City?

Weather Blog |  Where does rain fall around Kansas City?

Kansas City, Missouri – Good Thursday Blog readers –

Drought update
Are you starting to feel a little thirsty? We haven’t had measurable rain in 12 days, since October 28, and our 10-day forecast remains dry for 10 more days.

Despite this dry trend, the late October storm finally made its mark on the drought watcher; Well, maybe, I should say toe print, as in pinky finger print.

Kansas has remained essentially flat, but Missouri has seen some improvement but also a slight decline in one place. In the immediate Kansas City area, we saw no change.

Missouri Updates:

  • Improvement: City of the Ozarks has seen some improvement in D3 Extreme Drought
  • WORSE: Northeast Missouri saw a slight worsening of moderate to abnormally dry drought areas.

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These are really simple updates, but this gives you an idea of ​​how the Drought Monitor will respond to a small period of locally heavy rain. It doesn’t pay much, we need more consistent rain to make significant improvements.

Fall reality check
We saw a cold front move in yesterday, and although it didn’t bring any rain, it gave us a reality check.

Temperatures today are 20 degrees colder than they were yesterday. Keep in mind we were close to record temperatures on Tuesday, so this cold snap brings us back almost to normal.

We are expected to maintain high pressure and northerly flow over the next 48 hours. This will keep those 50s in place through half the weekend.

But next week, we’ll start another warming trend. It’s going to be another beautiful fall weekend, get ready!

Temperature trend.jpg

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More November heat
But we won’t stop at the weekend; In fact, we can see another run at around 70°C.

This is thanks to another series of high pressure building across the Great Plains throughout next week. So, do you have a lot to do before Thanksgiving? Next week will be fairly quiet weather-wise to get everything done. Dr

Despite the fact that it feels like 10pm to 5pm (is anyone else still adjusting to the time change?).

CPC for next week.jpg

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So where is the rain?
It’s already been 12 days since we recorded measurable rain, and the next seven to 10 days will keep the “donut hole” from drying out over Kansas City.

In this case, it might be more than just a long route from Kansas City to the Dakotas…but I digress. However it is dry. Enough said, it just hurts?

Donut Hole.jpg

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Change style
But wait there is some hope! There is a tracking low pressure system that will impact the West Coast by Thursday, November 16. This is a system worth monitoring. It appears likely to bring heavy snow to the Sierra Nevada Mountains from November 16-17 and to the Rocky Mountains by November 18.

Now this will be an atmospheric river type storm with enough moisture in the west. But after it interacts with two mountain ranges, I’m not sure how much moisture it will leave us with. We will need the Gulf to fuel it.

So when it comes to rain or snow outside this system, stay tuned. But it looks like Thanksgiving week will see a change in pattern. By Thanksgiving, your 60s and 70s will be gone, and your 40s and 50s are looking more likely.

Change style.jpg

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So, while we are in a severe drought, there is at least some hope starting to surface. But stay tuned, we have 14 days left before Thanksgiving. But I am leaning towards the fact that the weather will be comfortable and warm while eating.

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