Weather forecast for Buffalo Bills vs Chiefs: Bundle up. the details

Weather forecast for Buffalo Bills vs Chiefs: Bundle up.  the details

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Many factors will determine who wins between the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night, but will Orchard Park projections be one of them?

The Bills’ playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Jan. 14 was postponed due to inclement winter weather, so all eyes have been on the forecast ever since. Maybe this time, players and fans alike won’t have as much anxiety driving to the stadium or during the game.

What is the weather like in Orchard Park for the Bills-Chiefs game?

The National Weather Service in Buffalo is forecasting a chance of snow showers before 8 a.m. Sunday in Orchard Park, but the day should be partly sunny with a high near 23 degrees. The evening forecast calls for mostly cloudy weather with temperatures dropping to around 18 degrees as the weather becomes cooler as the sun sets. There will be southwesterly winds around 14 mph.

The AccuWeather forecast for Highmark Stadium calls for a daily high of 26 degrees with large clouds. The evening forecast also calls for a low of 18 degrees and gusty winds of up to 20 mph.

The forecast is pretty typical for Western New York on a January evening, AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Tom Kinnis said. Anyone going to the game should dress for cold weather, as the wind will bring the temperature closer to 10 to 15 degrees. You don’t have to tell a Bills fan that.

“Given what they went through in the last game and what it could be like in January, this is a very calm tournament,” Kenes said.

Keynes said the forecast was more confident than usual, with no rain expected, despite snowfall earlier in the week that led to a travel ban on Wednesday. While Buffalo dances round and round in a snowball, the heavy lake effect is expected to stop Thursday evening.

Even with snow expected until the morning of Sunday’s divisional game, Bills fans should have less to worry about travel conditions before kickoff.

Buffalo Bills weather this season

While Buffalo has a well-deserved reputation for cold-weather football, this has not been a great year for cold-weather football at Highmark Stadium, according to information from Last Sunday’s game against the Steelers was the first home game below freezing this season, although Sunday is sure to join the list.

Two regular season games, on September 17 against the Las Vegas Raiders and October 1 against the Miami Dolphins, were in the 1970s. The Bills have played just one home rain game this season, a 31-10 win over the Dallas Cowboys on December 17, amid a five-game winning streak to conclude the regular season and win the AFC East. The rest were in overcast, clear or cloudy conditions.

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