Weather forecast for Saturday in Wild Card

Weather forecast for Saturday in Wild Card

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — If you’re headed to the Kansas City Chiefs’ game against the Miami Dolphins on Saturday, you’re in for a very cold, but perhaps historic, day.

If recent predictions hold true, it could be one of the greatest Chiefs games in franchise history.

You have to go back to 1983 to get the coldest temperature at a Chiefs game. That year, Kansas City started a game against the Denver Broncos at Arrowhead by one score. The Chiefs won 48-17 in -19 degree wind chills.

The team’s coldest playoff game ever was in 1996, when it was 11 degrees at kickoff against the Indianapolis Colts.

But how cold will it get on Saturday?

As of Friday, the FOX4 weather team is predicting a high of 5 degrees, so cold in the parking lots at Arrowhead Stadium that it will actually feel like -12 degrees.

By 7pm Saturday, FOX4 meteorologists expect the temperature to reach 1 degree – with a wind chill of -20.

If this projected starting temperature holds, it will be the coldest new Chiefs playoff game in franchise history and will be tied for the team’s coldest game ever.

By the second half, the temperature will drop to -2 degrees and will feel like -25. And in case you don’t think it could get any worse, the overnight low will be -6 degrees.

The good news for Chiefs fans is that it will be cloudy but largely dry Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium — although there may be a flurry or two of precipitation that won’t accumulate.

There are chances of snow Thursday through Friday and again on Sunday, according to the FOX4 weather team, but not Saturday. Instead, the main concern will be the Arctic cold that lasts well into the end of the month.

If you’re heading to Saturday’s game, make sure you’re prepared.

Dr. Kevin O’Rourke of University Health offered these tips:

  • Wear layers
  • Keep all your skin covered
  • Hand/foot warmers help
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol

“It can be as simple as getting out of the elements and finding a warm place to go in Arrowhead,” he said.

He said the biggest concern medical professionals have for Chiefs fans at the game is mental health. If someone seems confused or disoriented, ask for help.

“If you warm your friend and they are still confused and not making sense, they may need more active measures like coming to the hospital and letting us do some of the things we do here to warm you.” He said.

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