Weather forecast in London for a heat wave hour by hour, as experts expect it to be the hottest day of the year

Large parts of the UK, including London, are set to see their hottest temperatures so far this year, with weather experts predicting a mini heatwave from Wednesday (September 6) is set to break September records. The Met Office has provided an hour-by-hour temperature breakdown with the day starting with a warm 18C at 7am. Temperatures will continue to rise rapidly throughout the day, with the temperature at 9am reaching 20°C.

At 10am the temperature should be 22°C, then by noon temperatures should jump to 26°C and continue to rise every hour until they reach 31°C at around 5pm and will not really cool down throughout the evening, with Forecast an uncomfortable 24°C at 11 p.m. The UK is set to be hotter than the Spanish island of Ibiza – which is typical now that the school holidays are over and many people are on their summer holidays.

The Met Office is monitoring a number of heat records for September, as temperatures could reach 33C this week, with most parts of the country seeing temperatures above 30C. The UK’s Health Security Agency has upgraded its heat alert to yellow due to high temperatures expected until 9pm on 10 September.

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The heatwave is expected to continue throughout the week with a hot weekend on the cards(Photo: Tolga Akmen/AFP via Getty Images)

Wednesday forecast hour by hour

7am – 18C

8am – 18C

9am – 20C

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