Weather in Denver: A storm of wind, hail and snow will affect travel through Monday

Weather in Denver: A storm of wind, hail and snow will affect travel through Monday

DENVER (KDVR) – A fast-moving storm system will produce snow along the Front Range and in Denver weather Sunday night into early Monday making for a definite weather alert day.

This storm will be colder than the winter storm a few weeks ago. This means that the snow will not be as heavy and wet. The totals do not appear to be as deep as the last storm.

However, snow combined with strong winds will make travel difficult, with winds blowing and drifting and visibility poor at times. According to Pinpoint Weather, the most accurate forecast in Colorado, areas in the foothills west of Denver and communities south of the city will have higher totals and difficult travel.

Tonight’s weather: Windy and cold

Winds will remain strong from the north/northeast through the night with gusts at times reaching 50-55 mph.

Temperatures are expected to be colder overnight with readings below freezing almost everywhere. There will also be some teenagers in the Eastern Plains. Wind chills will make it even colder, so be sure to pack if you’re heading out late Sunday night or early Monday morning.

Weather tomorrow: A windy and cold day

The snow is expected to end quickly from north to south early Monday, with flurries in some locations. There may be some sunshine peeking through the clouds later in the day.

It will be a much cooler day, with highs expected to reach the 30s to 40s. And keep this jacket with you because wind chills will make it even colder sometimes.

LOOKING AHEAD: Snow moves follow warming trend

Skies will clear late Monday night as the winter storm leaves Colorado. There may be stray rain skipping the mountains and along the Front Range on Tuesday, but most places will remain dry. It will be cold with fresh snow on the ground as well.

The forecast for the rest of the week looks dry, sunny and milder. Temperatures will rise into the 50s on Wednesday and then into the 60s over the coming weekend. The next chance of showers is Sunday, with some scattered showers possible.

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