Weather in Fayetteville, North Carolina

The good news: The remaining clouds will clear on Monday, leaving the Cape Fear area dry and pleasant for several days.

The bad news: The weekend will likely see more clouds and rain.

The Canadian systems that kicked summer out of the Carolinas last week continue to roll in, with blue skies, cooler nights and balmy afternoons. Fayetteville likely won’t see the high side of 85 as summer gives way to lower, with morning lows in the upper 50s to lower 60s.

Here’s the setup

The system that blanketed the area in clouds and drizzle on Sunday will be pushed outward by another Canada-based front early in the work week. This will lead to a series of mild days and cool evenings. Dew points should remain in the mid to upper 50s through the weekend.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be almost identical with the high pressure adjusting slightly. Temperatures return to the low to mid-80s, with a light northerly breeze. Lows will drop to the low 60s in the city, and upper 50s in rural areas.

By Thursday, watch for the possible development of an offshore depression near Florida. As high pressure builds offshore to the northeast and a low emerges from the remnants of a diffuse frontal boundary, the Carolinas will see a strong pressure gradient. The resulting pressure will make for a breezy Thursday afternoon, with winds continuing into Friday. Friday highs may not reach 80, and prep games will be a bit windy. It should be dry, but winds could reach 30 mph.


Whether the Cape Fear area sees rain will depend on where the low offshore develops and how quickly it moves. Either way, Saturday looks gloomy, brisk and cooler than usual. Fayetteville will likely hang in the low 70s.

Down the road

Unstable weather continues into next week as another group of low pressure systems cross the country. Look for clouds and scattered rain, with highs in Fayetteville ranging from the upper 70s to mid 80s.

In the tropics

As Lee’s remains disappear into the North Atlantic, Nigel continues to move into the mid-Atlantic. It should hold up well at sea. The system off Florida this week is unlikely to have time to develop into anything serious, but it could lead to a wet weekend somewhere — including the Carolinas.

Stay tuned!

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