Weather in Maryland: Dangerous cold and alert day until tonight

Weather in Maryland: Dangerous cold and alert day until tonight

BALTIMORE – Alert Day for dangerously cold temperatures and slippery travel through tonight. It will be difficult to drive on any unsanitized surfaces this morning as accumulated snow and slush turn to hard ice.

some School districts announced closures and delays For Wednesday morning.

This morning this afternoon

Temperatures are in the lower teens and wind chills are in the single digits to below zero. Any surfaces that are not disinfected will be very slippery and slippery as accumulated snow and slush turn to solid ice. Please use extreme caution when walking or driving tonight on side streets and secondary streets.

This afternoon

Despite the abundance of sunshine, it will be very cold due to dangerously low wind temperatures. We will see highs in the upper 20s, but daytime wind chills will remain in the single digits and teens. Please dress for the cold with plenty of layers, cover your hands and head, and take breaks indoors. Bring pets inside. Because of this dangerous cold, our alert day continues until tonight.

I look forward

Thursday’s cold temperatures will not be anywhere near as cold as Wednesday’s. We will see mostly cloudy skies with highs in the mid to upper 30s. We will see some snow melt on the ground. Travel conditions should be decent during the day. Refreezing of any snow melt on Thursday will occur Thursday night.

Light snow may break through early Thursday evening and will continue to fill in Thursday night. Snow may become consistent late Thursday night into Friday day. While it is too early to call for specific snow totals, some accumulation is likely, and there is a possibility of a few inches to several inches if the storm reaches its full potential.

The weekend forecast looks very cold, but dry and sunny across Maryland:

The Ravens and Tailgating game will have dangerously cold wind chills in the single digits. The weather looks dry, but it’s very cool and breezy.

More cold weather impacts the area on Sunday with wind chills in the teens.

There is a big and important warm up next week with the big January thaw starting early Tuesday and continuing through most of next week!

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