Weather maps show 11 specific snowfall dates in the UK starting at ‘1cm per hour’

Weather maps show 11 specific snowfall dates in the UK starting at ‘1cm per hour’

Wide swathes of the UK will be hit by snow in the coming days, with heavy rain and temperatures also falling, forecasters have warned.

Large areas of the UK will be hit by snow in the coming days(Palestinian Authority)

Meteorologists warn that thousands of Britons may be exposed to a wave of snow in the coming days, the first days of winter.

From Scotland to central England, large swathes of the UK are at risk of a layer of white stuff according to weather maps. The maps pinpointed exactly where the country would experience heavy rains and falling temperatures. The Met Office’s long-term forecast indicates that the cold air will bring strong winds and wintry rain to the northern and eastern regions. WXCharts predicts that snow will occur somewhere in Great Britain within the 11 days between now and December 5.

On November 23, people living in the far north of Scotland, including the ski resort of Aviemore, can expect up to one centimeter of snow per hour in some places. The next day, the far northwest of the country will see precipitation of up to two centimeters per hour, according to maps.

Snow is expected over the Pennines

On 25 November, it will again fall at one centimeter per hour in parts of north-east Scotland, continuing through the night until 26 November. As a result, the area will likely be covered in several inches of snow, according to a WXCharts analysis.

Snow will continue to fall in the area on November 27, albeit in a much lighter form ahead of a spell of drier weather. The weather is expected to get worse at the start of the month, with the possibility of snow falling at two centimeters per hour just south of Inverness and in the far north-west again on 1 December.

“Next week, an east-west split in weather conditions is likely.” The West will have a greater chance of seeing milder, cloud-based conditions with patchy rain and drizzle, while in the East, cooler, drier, sunnier conditions will likely persist with blustery wintry rain, the forecast says.

Patches of snow in the Scottish Highlands(WX charts)

“It is uncertain how long this cold snap will last, but it is likely that during this period, cooler air will gradually be replaced by milder and more unstable conditions from the west,” he adds. The Met Office has also published its forecast for December 5-19.

It states: “The most likely scenario through early December is for mostly variable weather, with periods of rain or showers and strong winds interspersed with short-lived drier and sunnier periods, although there is less chance of longer stable conditions developing.” Rainfall amounts will likely be near or above average, and the heaviest and most persistent rains will likely fall in the northwest initially, perhaps moving south in mid-December.

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