Weather Now: Scattered showers/thunderstorms will continue on Sunday

Stephen Matrigrano and Katie MacNeil

2 days ago

Hello all!

Wet conditions with high dew points will continue as we head into the overnight hours when temperatures are expected to reach lows of 70 degrees. Clouds will also accumulate with patchy fog mixing in as we head into the morning. A stray rain or thunderstorm may also make its way through the night.

hour by hour // An hourly look at the upcoming conditions »

Sunday morning will start with fog and scattered clouds with the possibility of scattered rain. Temperatures will reach the upper 70s by noon. Since some sunshine is expected during the late morning hours, I expect the chance of scattered thunderstorms to increase as we head into the afternoon.

Ocean, Gulf and Beach // A look at conditions on the coast »

A chance of scattered showers and scattered thunderstorms will continue Sunday afternoon, with temperatures around 80 degrees. Some heavy rain is possible with any thunderstorms that pass through. There will still be periods of dry weather as rain and storms are expected to be localized, although these are more widespread over a longer period of time. Very wet conditions will also persist.

PVD Festival

Scattered rain mixed with thunderstorms is likely during the last day of the festival, especially during the afternoon and evening hours. There will be periods of dry weather as well with mostly cloudy conditions, otherwise, it will remain very humid as well.

Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Patriots’ home opener may feature some scattered rain throughout the game with isolated thunderstorms possible. Plan to bring rain gear if you’re heading to the game on Sunday!

Tropical regions

We continue to monitor Hurricane Lee closely. The hurricane has weakened to Category 3 but is expected to strengthen again to Category 4 over the next day or so. The storm continues to move toward the northwest and is likely to miss the Caribbean islands, but heavy waves and dangerous currents are expected there. Long-term information continues to show that Hurricane Lee is heading north next week. Honestly, no one has any idea where Lee will be at the weekend, but we encourage you to keep checking back for more predictions on Lee.

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