Wednesday warms up ahead of the next cold front

Wednesday warms up ahead of the next cold front

What is the weather like in Oklahoma on Wednesday?

The Green Country’s final bout of spring weather is about to end as next fall’s cold front heads toward us.

Ahead of the cold front, we will still enjoy another unseasonably warm day with strong southerly winds continuing through the early afternoon hours of Wednesday. High temperatures will return to the low to mid 80s from Tulsa to the south. Once again, we will be very close to setting a record high in Tulsa!

A cold front will enter northeastern Oklahoma during the afternoon with a gradual shift to gusty northwesterly winds. For areas north of Tulsa, temperatures will remain steady and eventually begin to drop this afternoon as the front moves south. The effects of the cold front will become more noticeable around Tulsa from mid to late afternoon and into the early evening rush hour as northerly winds intensify and temperatures drop significantly.

These northerly winds will be strongest overnight and continue into early Thursday morning, reaching speeds of more than 30 mph at times. As those windy conditions continue, temperatures on Thursday will have a hard time rising and we will likely hold in the 50s for most of the day. This will be quite the dose of reality after our recent spring trip!

As cold air continues to filter southward on Thursday, clouds will increase as a fast-moving upper-level system spreads across southern Oklahoma and northern Texas. A large area of ​​rain will produce Thursday afternoon into Thursday night, primarily concentrated across southeastern Oklahoma. Any rain closer to the Tulsa metro on Thursday appears to be relatively intermittent and very light before this system emerges early Friday morning.

Normal temperatures will settle into the weekend, with highs in the 60s returning to the Green Country. Fortunately, this means we’re set for really great conditions for any Veterans Day parades and other Veterans Day celebrations from Friday through Veterans Day Saturday!

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Early sunset in the green country!

The clocks “went back” by one hour on Sunday, meaning the night will soon be darker.

Daylight saving time has ended; Standard time this weekend. Standard Time begins at 2 a.m. local time on Sunday and lasts until March 10, 2024. The time change means darkness will arrive earlier in the evening but will be lighter in the morning than now.

Sunset on Saturday was at 6:25 pm, and on Sunday at 5:24 pm

How do I prepare my home for freezing?

The City of Tulsa says it’s important to protect your pipes from the cold.

Officials recommend protecting outdoor pipes by disconnecting garden hoses from your home and installing covers on outdoor faucets.

Also, if the sink is along the exterior wall of your home, allow a little water to flow and open the cabinet doors to allow warm air to circulate.

The National Weather Service says that when temperatures drop to 28 degrees Fahrenheit or below for a few hours, you should bring pets inside, protect sensitive plants, protect outdoor pipes, allow indoor faucets to drip and turn off automatic sprinklers.

Space Heater Safety Tips (via CBS News)

  1. If you use a heater, make sure it is not too close to things that can burn such as upholstered furniture, clothing, a mattress or bedding.
  2. Never connect a space heater to an extension cord, always plug it directly into a wall outlet.
  3. Remember to turn it off before leaving the room or going to bed. Keep it out of reach of children and pets. Look for signs of malfunction, especially on older models.
  4. Make sure it has an auto shut off function.
  5. Make sure you have smoke detectors that operate with new batteries. Change the battery twice a year.

On average, fires caused by portable heaters cause 65 deaths and 150 injuries annually, according to the US Fire Administration.

Overnight Sunday, firefighters battled several house fires across Tulsa as temperatures dropped below freezing.

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