Weird ways the Texas heat wave affected all our cars

Fortunately, we’ve seen some cool temperatures recently in Texas. It’s pretty good compared to the record or break heat we’ve seen at times during the summer. During the heat wave, there were many online posts and news headlines about strange things happening to vehicles.

Here are some of the weird ways the Texas heat wave has affected our cars.


Something I didn’t realize, and probably should have realized, is that the fluid inside your battery can evaporate. Extreme heat can make evaporation faster than usual. Heat can make it difficult for them to hold a charge.

Things I wish they taught me in high school.


I always assumed that heat negatively affected tires, but I couldn’t explain the science behind it. I just know that getting too hot is usually really bad, unless we’re talking about ramen noodles.

I did some digging and it turns out that when the roads are hot, it can affect your tires; Which makes a lot of sense. Again, I always assumed this. Changes in temperature can also negatively affect tire pressure.

So, you have temperature changes messing with the pressure and then you’re driving a mildly under-inflated tire on a very hot blacktop…and you’re going to have to buy a new tire.

The car won’t start

Here’s one that surprised me. Extreme heat can make your car difficult to start, and it’s all about fuel.

As you’ve discovered, crazy hot weather can make it difficult to distribute your fuel. This is honestly something I would never have guessed.

Best way to combat this? Refrigerants.

Thank goodness we have some cooler weather ahead of us for a bit. Just make sure you’re prepared for the next big change in weather.

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