What does a flood warning mean?

What does a flood warning mean?

Did you know that flood alerts have unique definitions based on your location?

What you need to know

  • Flood alerts are issued during the summer prior to heavy rainfall
  • There are flood and flash flood alerts that mean different things
  • Know the difference between advisory, monitoring, warning, and emergency notification
  • There are what are considered minor, moderate and major flood categories in our area

The rain is among us

As we continue to recover and prepare for more instances of flooding problems caused by heavy rains and storms this summer, it may be a good time to review what our local flood alerts mean for you.

Here in the DC area, a flood watch means that conditions are favorable for flooding, but that does not mean flooding is guaranteed, but it is possible.

When a flood warning pops up, it means that the flooding is not expected to be bad enough to issue a warning, however it could cause major inconvenience, or lead to situations that could threaten our lives or property if we’re not careful.

A flood warning comes out when flooding is already underway, and this can be an extremely dangerous situation.

A flash flood warning occurs when floods are imminent or already occurring and are sudden and violent. This is the type of flood that requires immediate action to seek higher ground and away from areas of poor drainage and watercourses.

Flash floods can develop quickly, or sometimes take several hours. These types of floods are very dangerous because they can occur far from rainfall areas.

A flash flood emergency alert occurs rarely and must take priority and quickly. When a flash flood emergency occurs, there are concerns that flooding may cause loss of life and extensive damage to buildings, land and property.

Heavy rain and runoff

Some friendly reminders for those who need to travel to avoid flood-prone areas are to leave early before the storm and only follow recommended routes.

We should never try to drive on a flooded road, but turn around and go another way and remember that it only takes two feet of water to wash away a car.

Here is a link to some great information from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation on how to recover from floods and stay healthy after a flood.

So remember, when a flood alert is issued, ‘watch’ means ‘prepare’, while ‘warning’ means you should take action. Plus, we’re always here for you, so keep the Spectrum News app’s weather page handy on your mobile device for the latest local forecast information.

Our team of meteorologists dig deep into the science of weather and analyze timely weather data and information. To view more weather and climate stories, check out our weather blogs section.

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