What is the weather like tomorrow? – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

What is the weather like tomorrow?  – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Dry weather returns on Friday with cooler weather and less humidity, making for a beautiful day. Then came Friday night.

Honestly, I didn't expect it until I saw a photo of the aurora borealis from Nassau, Bahamas. Areas of clear skies far from city lights have certainly seen the northern lights in Oklahoma, along the Red River, central and southeastern Texas, and even briefly in Denton, Wise and Collin counties! The geomagnetic storm continues, so when the clouds break, they will still be visible outside of DFW until near sunrise.

The cooler style comes just in time for Mother's Day weekend. Unfortunately, the chance of rain and storms will also return over the weekend. Some rain could develop early Saturday afternoon and evening. Here in the Metroplex, the chance of rain will remain low on Saturday into the evening, when showers and even some loud thunderstorms are possible. Rainfall totals will be light, and the weather is not expected to be severe

The main round of showers and widespread thunderstorms will arrive on Sunday. It would be a good idea to keep those Mother's Day plans either indoors or flexible (if you plan to be outside). The highest chance of rain will be around midday. While this may be bad news, there is some good news – the severe weather threat appears to be very low again.

Additional storms are expected next week, along with a warming trend.

Latest predictions:

Overnight: Partly cloudy and cool. Low: 62. Wind: Northeast 5-10 mph.

Saturday: Mostly cloudy and moderate. A 30% chance of spotty rain and possibly some thunderstorms late in the day. High: 78. Wind: East 5-10 mph.

Sunday (mother's Day): The weather is mostly cloudy and cool with a 90% chance of widespread rain and some thunderstorms. Low: 63. High: 71. Wind: Southeast 10-15 mph.

Monday: Cloudy with a 60% chance of rain and storms in the morning. Clouds diminish during the afternoon. Low: 65. High: 81. Wind: West 10 mph.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny and warm. Low: 63. High: 85. Wind: Northwest 5-10 mph.

Wednesday: Partly cloudy and warm with a 30% chance of thunderstorms in the evening. Low: 67. High: 86. Wind: Southeast 10-15 mph.

Thursday: Partly cloudy with a 60% chance of rain and thunderstorms. Low: 66. High: 81. Wind: Northwest 10 – 15 mph.

Friday: Partly cloudy and warm. Low: 64. High: 83. Wind: North 10 mph.

Saturday: Sunny and very warm. Low: 65. High: 87. Wind: Southeast 10-15 mph.

Sunday: Partly cloudy and very warm. Low: 67. High: 88. Wind: Southeast 10-15 mph.

Monday: Mostly sunny and very warm. Low: 68. High: 88. Wind: South 10-20 mph.

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