What the weather will be like in your area this week as Storm Debbie reaches the UK

What the weather will be like in your area this week as Storm Debbie reaches the UK

The UK is set for a week of wet and windy weather as Storm Debbie hits on Monday.

The Met Office has issued amber weather warnings for winds in northwest England and Northern Ireland, meaning flying debris is likely to cause injuries or put people’s lives at risk.

There will also be a risk of tiles flying from rooftops, as well as power outages and transportation disruptions.

Power outages were reported across the island of Ireland, with around 100,000 homes left without power after the storm made landfall overnight.

Much of the Republic of Ireland was covered by a red wind warning – the highest level of alert – on Monday morning.

The Met Office’s yellow warning for the North West will remain in place until 4pm on Monday, while the one in southern Northern Ireland will remain in place until midday.

In addition, there are yellow warnings for wind and rain in the north-west, north-east and parts of the Midlands, as well as in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Heavy rains and strong winds are expected in the affected areas on Monday. Storm Debbie was named by Met Éireann – the Irish meteorological service – on Sunday morning.

The Met Office also warned of possible road and bridge closures, meaning long journeys could be closed and public and other transport cancelled, with road, rail, air and ferry services affected.

WATCH: Storm Debbie likely to bring dangerous winds with amber warnings issued

Residents of coastal areas are advised to stay away from the waterfront, as high waves are likely to throw beach material onto coastal roads, waterfronts and nearby properties.

Matthew Lehnert, chief meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “Storm Debbie developed rapidly overnight and will affect parts of the UK today.”

“Due to the risk of impacts over parts of County Armagh and County Down this morning and parts of north-west England during most of today, we have issued two amber wind warnings.”

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The storm is expected to hit Ireland before reaching northern England and parts of Wales on Monday, with wind gusts of 80mph possible in some areas.

A yellow wind warning, the lowest level of alert, will be in place until 6pm in areas including Bangor and St Davids in Wales and Manchester, Sheffield and Liverpool in England.

Aberdeenshire in Scotland will have a yellow rain warning from 10am to 9pm.

In Scotland, the town of Brechin in Angus, which was hit by Storm Babbitt last month, is likely to see more heavy rain.

A fallen tree on Quays Road in Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland, on Monday. (Palestinian Authority) (Liam McBurney, PA Images)

Jonathan Vautrey, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “There will be some heavy rain, the potential for flying debris, and possible travel and infrastructure disruption in some places.”

Jason Kelly, chief meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “The strongest winds are expected to affect parts of the Republic of Ireland early on Monday, possibly coinciding with the morning flight, before affecting parts of north Wales and northern England until afternoon.

“Although the strongest winds may calm somewhat before they reach the UK, we still expect some significant impacts, and a wind warning has been issued.

For the rest of the week across the UK, Tuesday will be a “breezy day with sunshine and rain”, the Met Office said.

The rain is expected to ease in the north on Wednesday, although it will be breezy in other parts of the UK.

Humid conditions will return to the country on Thursday, and winds may be strong in the south.

Yahoo News UK looks at what the weather will be like in your area this week according to the Met Office forecast.

the Northeast

Monday and Tuesday

Heavy rain and strong winds or storms throughout Monday. Continuous and heavy rain accompanied by very strong winds or gusts due to Storm Debbie. Maximum temperature 10°C.

Sunny with sunshine and occasional heavy rain, especially in the west on Tuesday. The winds also pick up over the hills for some time. Maximum temperature 9°C.

Wednesday to Friday

More sunshine and rain on Wednesday. Dry starts on Thursday, becoming rainy and windy later. The rain will subside early Friday, then become bright with some sunshine. Temperatures are close to normal.

North West

Monday and Tuesday

Storm Debbie brought heavy rain and strong winds Monday morning, with very strong and potentially damaging coastal storms through the afternoon. Heavy rains continue in the north. Maximum temperature 12°C.

More rain is expected through most of Tuesday, with some thunderstorms and hail possible. Breezy, especially along the coast. Maximum temperature 12°C.

Wednesday to Friday

It rained again on Wednesday although with lighter winds. Rain returns on Thursday and may be stormy for a while. Brighter weather with lighter winds and a little rain again on Friday.


Monday and Tuesday

There was heavy rain in the morning, then scattered showers and sunny spells in the afternoon. Strong winds throughout the day, with the possibility of storms in coastal areas. Maximum temperature 15°C.

Tuesday will be a day of sunshine and stormy rain, possibly heavy at times, with an added risk of thunder. The wind remains breezy.

Wednesday to Friday

Wednesday will bring lighter winds, sunshine and less rain. Rain will fall at night in the east, followed by rain on Thursday. Gale is possible for some time. Brighter and less windy on Friday.

Weather Warnings for Storm Debbie November 13, 2023. See weather story Debbie.  Infographic PA Graphics.  An editable version of this graphic is available if needed.  Please contact graphics@pamediagroup.com.

Weather warnings issued by the Met Office for Storm Debbie. (Palestinian Authority) (PA wire)

London and the South East

Monday and Tuesday

Heavy rain will continue at times across the area into Monday morning, easing during the afternoon with some sunny spells. Windy during most of the day. Maximum temperature 16°C.

Tuesday will be bright with some sunny spells and scattered rain, with longer periods of sunshine in the afternoon.

Wednesday to Friday

Bright with sunny spells and scattered rain Wednesday. Drought begins on Thursday, then heavy rains, with strong winds blowing to the east. A drier Friday with sunny spells. Average temperatures.

East Midlands

Monday and Tuesday

Heavy rain and strong storms fell on Monday morning, with scattered showers in the northeastern parts until the afternoon and evening. Maximum temperature 13°C.

Tuesday will be bright with sunshine and occasional heavy rain with westerly winds picking up for a while.

Wednesday to Friday

More sunshine and rain on Wednesday. Drying begins on Thursday, but heavy rain and strong winds will follow later. The rain will subside early Friday, then become bright with some sunshine. Average temperatures.

West Midlands

Monday and Tuesday

Winds and heavy rain will intensify until Monday. Maximum temperature 14°C.

More heavy rain is expected Tuesday morning, with the possibility of thunder and hail in the west. Maximum temperature 13°C.

Wednesday to Friday

The weather will be mostly pleasant on Wednesday with winds slowly decreasing. Rain will continue on Thursday, with winds intensifying, but sunny conditions will return on Friday.

northern Ireland

Monday and Tuesday

Wet and windy weather Monday morning with surface water and some localized flooding. Too windy for some as Storm Debbie will follow across Northern Ireland, with wind speeds expected to reach around 65mph across Co Antrim and Co Down. Maximum temperature 11°C.

A mix of bright spells and rain, some heavy, on Tuesday.

Wednesday to Friday

It will be mostly cloudy on Wednesday with rain or showers, but becoming drier and sunnier in the south. Rain on Thursday, then intensifies with scattered showers on Friday.

Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales, United Kingdom.  13 November 2023 UK Weather: Storm Debbie combined with high tides is causing large choppy waves to hit sea defenses along Aberystwyth seafront this morning.  © Ian Jones/Alamy Live News

Waves crashed against sea defenses along Aberystwyth seafront in Wales on Monday. (scientific) (Ian Jones)


Monday and Tuesday

Storm Debbie brought heavy rain and very strong winds Monday morning. Remove the rain, leaving sunny periods and showers until the afternoon. Winds remain strong at all times with coastal storms. Maximum temperature 14°C. Heavy rain in the evening with possible thunder and hail.

A very wet start to the day on Tuesday, although showers become more scattered in the afternoon, with more sunny spells developing.

Wednesday to Friday

Sunny spells and scattered rain during Wednesday with strong winds, becoming lighter overnight. More rain will fall on Thursday as the winds intensify. Brighter with a few showers on Friday.


Monday and Tuesday

The weather will be cloudy with rain on Monday, and the rain will be heavy and continuous at times, with the possibility of some local flooding. Maximum temperature 10°C.

Mostly cloudy with showers or the odd long spell of rain on Tuesday.

Wednesday to Friday

Mostly cloudy with more showers or rain on Wednesday. Scattered rain on Friday.

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