What to expect for this weekend’s weather in San Diego County – NBC 7 San Diego

What to expect for this weekend’s weather in San Diego County – NBC 7 San Diego

The winter storm that battered San Diego County with torrential rain, gusty winds and snow during the first week of February is finally winding down, and leaving behind a gift: some weekend sunshine.

If Saturday wasn’t warm enough for you, Super Bowl Sunday will be a few degrees warmer with mostly sunny skies, according to the National Weather Service. This slow warming will continue until next week.

Be prepared for cold nights: You will want to pack your bags when you go to bed as temperatures are expected to be cold throughout the night. This is particularly the case for interior valleys, where A Frost advice It will be in effect from 11pm on Saturday to 8am on Sunday. Overnight low temperatures across the region are expected to drop into the mid 30s, with coastal areas potentially reaching the low 40s.

The NWS said in a Share on X.

Sunday overview

  • Coasts: Sunny – highs in the 60s
  • Valleys: Sunny – highs in the 60s
  • Mountains: Sunny – highs in the 40s
  • Deserts: Sunny – high around 65

After days of rain, San Diegans are enjoying the return of sunshine. NBC 7’s Kelvin Henry explains how the weather fills many people with joy and lines the pockets of some business owners.

Best chance to catch snow

Unfortunately, the snow did not stick to many low-elevation communities in the area.

The best chance to see snow, according to Bledsoe, is to head to the highest peaks in Cleveland National Park. Laguna Mountain, which stands at 6,000 feet, received up to 8 inches of snow from the nearly week-long storm — and was still snowing Friday.

Sunday is expected to be warmer, so the snow will melt throughout the day.

Before you go, be sure to check the series requirements. Caltrans San Diego advises those who wish to visit the snow to visit their website for the latest information on chain requirements and snow plows.

The parking lot at Cardiff State Beach has been closed due to storm damage

NBC 7 meteorologist Brooke Martell reports from Cardiff State Beach, where you can see the effects caused by the tides. Reef car park is closed for safety reasons.

The Reef car park at Cardiff State Beach was damaged during recent storms and is closed for safety reasons.

According to California State Parks, damage to the plot began during a storm on Jan. 21, and has gotten worse with persistent rainfall in San Diego County.

“California State Parks is finalizing plans to repair the parking lot, and we hope to begin construction soon,” California State Parks said in a statement to NBC 7.

At the same time, the final round of tides is taking place in San Diego for the winter season. A king tide is an exceptionally high tide caused by a stronger-than-normal gravitational pull from the Moon.

You can tell how strong some waves are by looking at the slope along the shoreline, said Pat Abbott, a San Diego-based geologist.

“Taking it all together — the high tides, the lack of beach sand — that means the erosion is going to reach farther inland,” Abbott said. “This here. We ate up the parking lot.”

The closed Reef car park at Cardiff State Beach on February 9, 2024.

More rain on the way?

As of now, next week looks dry and warmer.

Wet weather could come next weekend, but it’s still too early to tell. NBC 7’s team of meteorologists will keep you updated as we get closer.

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