What to expect from Pueblo weather during the Colorado State Fair

The weather is expected to be much colder in Pueblo this weekend, but warmer temperatures are expected to follow.

Pueblo just completed a weeklong stretch with temperatures hovering in the 90s and nearing 100, but the weather is cooling just in time for the 2023 Colorado State Fair, which kicked off Friday.

“That big area of ​​high-pressure heat dome, so to speak, was in the Midwest — part of it pushed all the way into Colorado, so we got a piece of that heat wave,” says Steve Hodanich, a meteorologist at the Johannesburg Institute. . The National Weather Service’s Pueblo office told the leader. “Fortunately, the brunt of it has moved to the east, so now the cold weather is back again. It’s more favorable weather.”

The weather in Pueblo is shaping up to be just right during Labor Day, which falls on the last day of the fair. Here’s what to know about the forecast over the next 10 days.

Expect some cold weather, and possibly rain, this weekend

A flood watch was active Friday afternoon with heavy rain expected to hit Pueblo through the evening. Saturday is expected to be colder, with temperatures expected to reach 78 degrees during the day and a good chance of rain and thunderstorms in the area. Hodanich said there is a 40% chance of rain in Pueblo Saturday afternoon and evening.

Temperatures are expected to warm slightly on Sunday, settling into the mid-80s, with similar chances of showers and thunderstorms, although they are not expected to be as widespread as the rainfall expected on Friday and Saturday. Low temperatures on Saturday and Sunday nights are expected to reach around 60 degrees.

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Expect another bout of rain but drier days throughout next week

High temperatures on Monday are expected to range around the 80s to 70s with rain possible in the afternoon and evening with showers and thunderstorms. The minimum temperature at night is likely to reach about 56 degrees.

The weather on Tuesday and Wednesday is expected to be largely calm, with the temperature on the first day expected to reach about 81 degrees. It should get a little hotter on Wednesday at around 90 degrees.

Pueblo is expected to warm moderately Thursday and Friday, with highs near or above 90 degrees. Rain chances are expected to decrease after Monday, and if it does rain, Hodanich said people could see rain and isolated storms in Pueblo.

NWS Pueblo also expects moderate winds throughout the week with speeds between 5 and 15 mph.

The weather is expected to be good for activity on Labor Day weekend

Pueblo is expected to continue to be dry Friday, September 1, through Labor Day with temperatures in the 80s and 90s throughout the weekend. Hodanich said the weather on those days is not currently expected to reach or exceed the mid-90s, but since those dates are so far away, the forecast is likely to change.

He also said it’s too early to predict whether rain will be possible over Labor Day weekend.

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