What to expect from the weather

What to expect from the weather

When traveling by car or plane, it is always wise to prepare for the possibility of inclement weather. While we won’t know what will happen until today, knowing historical weather averages for the area can help decide when to travel and how long you need to prepare.

Compared to previous years, daily temperatures for this time of year have been warmer in Michigan. This is due to the El Nino phenomenon.

The weather is unpredictable and the weather can bring a surprise come Christmas Day.

“Exact Christmas weather could be much different than the generally expected pattern,” a media representative for the National Weather Service in Grand Rapids said.

Average Thanksgiving Day

The average temperature in the region ranges from 27 degrees to a low of 39 degrees. The highest temperature was recorded in 2012 when the highest daily temperature was 65 degrees. The coldest Thanksgiving was in 1950. That year the temperature dropped to 7 degrees.

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