When will it rain? Track today's New York City storm – NBC New York

When will it rain?  Track today's New York City storm – NBC New York

A heavy rainstorm with potential flooding is expected to make its way into the Tri-State from midday Tuesday through early Wednesday and will include high winds.

Storm Team 4 tracks rain and wind hour by hour.

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Location: What to expect hour by hour depending on the area

Different parts of the tristate will see different types of rain at different times. Here's an hour-by-hour breakdown of what to expect by region.

Rain: What to expect hour by hour with the next storm

Lighter but steady rain is expected to move into the Tri-State late morning or midday Tuesday. Some inland areas could see the system start out as rain, although it will turn to rain in those areas.

Rain is expected to become more widespread and begin to increase Tuesday afternoon.

By Tuesday evening, the rain is expected to become heavier and more stable.

The western portion of our viewing area will begin to get drier skies by the end of Tuesday as rain moves through the city, across Long Island and across Fairfield County in Connecticut.

Precipitation will begin to taper off early Wednesday ahead of the Wednesday morning commute.

The threat of flooding and power outages is increasing as heavy rains and winds hit the Tri-State

The storm ends the snowfall by drying out for some; New York City barely gets more than a trace

Wind gusts: What to expect hour by hour with the upcoming storm

Winds are expected to be stronger from late Tuesday afternoon until the early part of the night until Wednesday.

Coastal areas on the Jersey Shore and the south shore of Long Island are expected to see the greatest wind impacts.

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