Why Wisconsin football will bounce back and beat Northwestern

Why Wisconsin football will bounce back and beat Northwestern

After the most ridiculous loss of the Luke Fickell era, the Wisconsin Badgers football team returns to the field on Saturday when it takes on Northwestern. The game will be played Saturday at 2:30 central time at Camp Randall Stadium.

As embarrassing as it was or any similar adjective to describe last week’s loss to Indiana, the team must move on. That’s why the Badgers bounced back from their disappointing loss with a win over Northwestern.

Believe it or not, Wisconsin’s football program is in better shape than Northwestern’s

The natural reaction after the Wisconsin Badgers’ loss to Indiana on Saturday was panic. However, the state of the program is less disastrous than it appears at this moment.

In the offseason, one of the biggest storylines in college football was the hazing scandal at Northwestern University. The scandal led to the firing of longtime Northwestern coach and alumnus Pat Fitzgerald and the loss of several players and recruits to the program. Considering they’ve won just four games over the previous two seasons, it’s hard to believe the program has reached a new low.

While the loss to Indiana is a step back for the Wisconsin football program, it’s not the end of the world for them. It’s important not to hit the panic button too soon. The Badgers have a first-year head coach and their players are still trying to adjust to new schemes and a new culture after years of tradition. The state of the Northwestern football program tells us it could be worse for the Badgers. However, if they lose to a devastating Wildcats program, it might be time to panic.

Wisconsin football is embarrassed by its display last week

When players commit to playing for Wisconsin, they don’t do so, envisioning a loss to Indiana. The team has been under pressure all week from fans and is ready to show that last week was a fluke. Losing to Indiana is unacceptable under any circumstances for the Badgers, but one loss doesn’t erase the progress they’ve made up until then.

Although it’s important not to be too reactionary after last week’s surprising loss, it’s important to call it what it was: a devastating loss. The players know they did not play to their full potential and will be determined not to let that happen again.

Final thoughts

The Wisconsin Badgers faithful have been in low spirits all week. A week ago, most fans felt optimistic about the direction the team was headed in after a good battle against Ohio State.

There have been some ups and downs during Fickell’s first season as the Badgers’ head coach, but one game shouldn’t erase the memories that there have been more positives than negatives over the past few weeks.

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