Widespread rains finally hit Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh this week

Rainfall at Shivaji Park in Mumbai

(Sanjay Hadkar/BCCL – Mumbai CST/BCCL – Digital Editorial Department at TOI)

Wednesday, September 6: Wipe that dust off your umbrellas and raincoats, guys, it’s about to rain! After a seemingly scheduled month-long vacation during August, the monsoon season is back in action once September rolls around. With rains finally hitting the central states, drought-stricken residents of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh could not be happier with this new turn of events.

However, unlike most group projects, this new ritual cannot be attributed to just one system. The area of ​​low pressure over the Bay of Bengal has begun moving west, and will eventually stabilize near Chhattisgarh within the next 24 hours. In addition, a basin extends across Chhattisgarh, while the eastern arm of the monsoon basin has finally moved south into an active phase, blessing India with heavy rains.

In addition to drenching the states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh with light to moderate rains over the next few days, this meteorological gathering will lead to Very heavy rain (115.6 mm – 204.5 mm) over some parts of Vidarbha division in Maharashtra on Wednesday, September 6.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) also predicts. Heavy showers (64.5 mm – 115.5 mm) over local parts of Chhattisgarh until Thursday (6-7 September), Marathwada until Friday (6-8 September), Madhya Pradesh and Vidarbha until Sunday (6-10 September), and over Konkan-Goa from Thursday to Sunday (7-10 September).

3-day precipitation forecast from Wednesday through Saturday morning.  (TWC Met Team)

3-day precipitation forecast from Wednesday through Saturday morning

(TWC Met Team)

With the rains, Mumbai and Pune, which have been battling sweltering heat in the absence of heavy rain, will see daytime temperatures drop by a few degrees and hover around 29 degrees Celsius by Saturday and Sunday.

A similar story awaits Bhopal. The capital of Madhya Pradesh is on its way to Heavy rain A week, accompanied by a sudden drop in temperature of up to 3 degrees Celsius during the next 5-6 days. While the city of Raipur in Chhattigarh will also see a slight drop in temperatures, the rain is likely to continue in the city until Friday only.

Due to the upcoming weather, IMD has put Vidarbha under a category orange alertShe advised residents to prepare for weather fluctuations.

Since the central states have just started receiving rainfall from the renewed monsoon, most of the subdivisions have continued to suffer from a lack of rain since the beginning of September – a trend that could well change with the upcoming bout. However, IMD rates only the cities of Madhya Maharashtra and Marathwada as “deficient” in precipitation this season, with subdivisions recording 22% and 20% shortfalls between June 1 and August 30.

During this period, Vidarbha managed to accumulate 675 mm (decrease of 12%), East Madhya Pradesh 752 mm (decrease of 11%), 594 mm (decrease of 17%), and Chhattisgarh 736 mm (decrease of 19%). On the other hand, Konkan-Goa is the only sub-division that has an excess among these states, recording 2650 mm of rainfall with an excess of 7%.


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