Widespread snow is falling in the UK, with up to 2cm per hour expected across the country

Widespread snow is falling in the UK, with up to 2cm per hour expected across the country

Snow is heading to the UK and weather maps have been released showing the exact parts that will be affected. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to dust off your winter clothes

It’s time to revisit your long-lost winter coats(Palestinian Authority)

It may be time to get out the hats and gloves, because snow could be heading towards large parts of the UK.

Advanced weather modeling maps indicate widespread snowfall is likely in the UK, with the Met Office saying there is a possibility of “wintry-flavored showers”. It appears that snow will spread across large parts of the United Kingdom, from the central regions to the northern parts of Scotland.

Spots of snow appear to be heading towards the eastern strand of England, from just east of Birmingham and extending to just south of Edinburgh. There may also be a patch of snow covering large parts of the Scottish Highlands including Inverness.

The Met Office forecast yesterday (November 17) said: “Temperatures are likely to be around average throughout the whole period, but as is typical in December, occasional frosts and wintry-flavored rain are likely.” The Daily Star reports that on December 2nd we can expect snowfall according to weather maps from WX Charts.

Snow will cover large parts of the UK(WX charts)

There are two small potential snowfall areas in the south, one on the northern edge of East Anglia and one on the Kent coast including Dover and Canterbury. Cities, including Newcastle, Manchester and Birmingham, appear to be in the crosshairs of the snow. And it looks like only those in Northern Ireland, Wales and southwest England are likely to miss the brutal weather completely.

Data indicate that snow may fall at a rate of about 2 cm per hour in the Midlands and northern England. James Madden, a forecaster at Exacta Weather, said “one or two” winter blasts could be expected at the end of November and beginning of December. “It appears that the most affected areas will likely be in the northern half of the country during this period, and this also includes low snow levels in these parts as well,” he said.

“However, as we get closer to that time, it is now increasingly likely that we will see some of this snow reach levels much lower across the country, and even parts further south such as the Midlands and central and southern England will be brought into the snow mix during this period too.”

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