Will cold temperatures wreak havoc on fantasy football?

Will cold temperatures wreak havoc on fantasy football?

As we head into winter, NFL and fantasy football games will start to be more affected by the weather forecast. So far, the weather impact has been spotty, and that seems to be the case in Week 10 as well. Let’s examine the NFL Week 10 weather report and how the forecast could impact games this weekend.

Weather forecast updated as of 10:30 a.m. ET on Saturday, November 4, 2023. Game forecasts from the National Weather Service, apart from the game in Frankfurt, where the forecast is from the UK Met Office.

NFL Week 10 weather report and fantasy impact

Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots | Sunday, 9:30 am

  • Expected temperature: High 40s
  • Bathing: <10% chance at kick-off
  • winds: Southeasterly 3 mph with gusts up to 7 mph

This game should be placed in the lower section as Frankfurt Stadium has a retractable roof. However, the pitch has gaps around the outside where winds can impact the game, although we didn’t see much of an impact even with the high-speed winds last week.

The weather forecast for the tenth week in Germany looks very calm, and there is a small chance of rain. We may see the ceiling open this week, but that shouldn’t have any major negative impact on the game. The temperature may change at pitch level, which may have an effect on the way the ball moves, but the imaginative effect should be minimal.

San Francisco 49ers at Jacksonville Jaguars | Sunday, 1 pm

  • Expected temperature: Low 70s
  • Bathing: 15% chance at the start of the match
  • winds: 14 mph north

From the early slate, the game in Jacksonville is the one that should see the biggest weather impact. Until then, we’re talking about slightly higher winds and a slight chance of rain. Winds above 10 mph tend to reduce recording slightly, but the effect is not as significant when slightly above 10 mph.

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If there is any impact, it will be on the passing game. However, the impact shouldn’t be significant enough to make you shy away from any of the key pass-catching options. Brandon Aiyuk, Deebo Samuel, George Kittle, Christian Kirk, Calvin Ridley, and Evan Engram should be treated as normal.

Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens | Sunday, 1 pm

  • Expected temperature: Low fifties
  • Bathing: <10% chance at kick-off
  • winds: 8 mph north

It’s not expected to be a big problem here for fantasy purposes. Wind speeds may reach the 10 mph area at times during the game, but are unlikely to have a major impact. Whatever fancy plans you enter into this week, they shouldn’t be affected by the weather forecast in Baltimore.

Houston Texans at Cincinnati Bengals | Sunday, 1 pm

  • Expected temperature: Mid-fifties
  • Bathing: <10% chance at kick-off
  • winds: 6 mph east

It’s a similar story in Cincinnati, where winds should be light, and there’s little to no chance of rain. The biggest concern in this matchup is Ja’Marr Chase’s injury and how that could impact the matchup. Fortunately, the weather will not add any further complications.

Green Bay Packers at Pittsburgh Steelers | Sunday, 1 pm

  • Expected temperature: Low fifties
  • Bathing: <10% chance at kick-off
  • winds: 5 mph east

All three matches involving the AFC North teams look set to have similar weather with low winds and a small chance of rain. The likes of Deontae Johnson, George Pickens, Christian Watson, Romeo Dobbs and Jayden Reed will see little to no drop based on the weather in Pittsburgh this week.

Tennessee Titans at Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Sunday, 1 pm

  • Expected temperature: Mid-eighties
  • Bathing: <10% chance at kick-off
  • winds: 6 mph northeasterly

It looks like it will be a beautiful day in Florida with warm temperatures, a light breeze, and a slight chance of rain. Whatever your plans are for the future in this game, they should not be affected.

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This is great news when we’re talking about fantasy options at WR, like Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and DeAndre Hopkins.

Washington leaders Seattle Seahawks | Sunday at 4:25 p.m

  • Expected temperature: Low fifties
  • Bathing: Increased match start chance by 50% throughout the match
  • winds: 5 mph southeast

The worst of Sunday’s weather could come in the afternoon in Seattle. While wind will not be a major factor, it is possible that there will be a lot of rain during the match. However, the effect of rain from a fantasy perspective tends to be minimal. We see a few more drops and a greater chance of sensitization but its effect is difficult to explain.

Denver Broncos at Buffalo Bills | Monday at 8:15 pm

  • Expected temperature: Low 40s
  • Bathing: <10% chance at kickoff
  • winds: Southeast wind 20 mph with gusts up to 28 mph

When it comes to the worst weather of the week, Monday Night Football might give Thursday Night Football a run for its money. The weather at Highmark Stadium will be windy, with wind gusts approaching 30 mph. That bravery would have to be isolated and scattered throughout the game, so the effect wouldn’t be consistent.

However, throughout the game, we should see winds in the 20 mph area, which will reduce scoring through impacts to the passing and kicking game. The current weather forecast should see Gabe Davis, Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton downgraded by a touch. You shouldn’t avoid it completely, but there is a slight drop in rating.

Games played in courts with a retractable roof

  • New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings | Sunday, 1 pm
  • Atlanta Falcons at Arizona Cardinals | Sunday at 4:05 p.m
  • Detroit Lions at Los Angeles Chargers | Sunday at 4:05 p.m
  • New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys | Sunday at 4:25 p.m
  • New York Jets at Las Vegas Raiders | Sunday at 8:20 pm

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