Will it snow again in East Tennessee this week?

Will it snow again in East Tennessee this week?

We still have snow on the ground and the wintry weather is expected to continue through the weekend.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Here we go again…another area of ​​low pressure moving across the Southeast could bring a mix of rain, sleet, freezing rain and snow to parts of East Tennessee.

It’s been pretty cold this week, including lows near or below zero on Wednesday morning!

The ground is frozen and temperatures are expected to rise above freezing today before the moisture arrives, increasing the odds of seeing precipitation mixed with this next event.

Warm, moist air will rise above a layer of cold air near the ground today, and the thickness of these two layers of air will determine the type of precipitation that reaches the ground.

Moisture moves into the area during the afternoon and a wintry mix of freezing rain, sleet, snow and rain is possible, depending on location and the factors mentioned above.

Freezing rain (freezing of liquid on contact with cold surfaces) will be a concern on the plateau, in the valley from Knox, Anderson and Sevier counties northward and higher elevations in eastern Blount and Monroe counties as moisture arrives Thursday afternoon.

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Besides creating slick spots on roads, especially bridges and overpasses, this glazing of ice can also weigh down trees and power lines.

Light precipitation rates and totals should help limit the impacts but that’s *part* of the reason why Winter weather warning These were issued to counties shaded purple on the map below.

Overnight and into tomorrow morning, cold air will move in from the northwest and we will see precipitation gradually turn to snow.

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This is the other half of the winter weather forecast…light snow accumulation is expected from late tonight through tomorrow.

Again, the ground is cold, so most of what falls from the sky will accumulate on the ground and roads, so while the overall forecast with this event is much lower than what we had earlier this week, this system could still have an impact on travel. Tonight via tomorrow.

Cold air will move in tomorrow evening and lows will drop into the single and low numbers by Saturday morning, freezing any liquid into black ice on area roads.

The arctic air continues to warm up into Monday morning, and then we’ll finally return to the warmth next week!

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