Wind and rain midweek but moving quickly on Wednesday

Wind and rain midweek but moving quickly on Wednesday

Tuesday evening will witness clear periods, but with scattered showers falling from the west. Recent clear skies have allowed for stunning views of the Northern Lights at night with some stunning effects.

There is low pressure south of Greenland which will throw its high cloud front towards the UK by the early hours of Wednesday morning. There will be a fast-moving band of rain sweeping across the UK midweek with stronger winds and milder air briefly in the south.

The center of the moving low takes until Thursday to reach Ireland and then returns to a rainy regime with some sunny spells.

Tonight's frost weather in the UK

It will be a pleasant night before the front lines emerge, with temperatures in north-east Scotland dropping to freezing. Westerly flow will return overnight and strengthen as the main band of rain moves across Northern Ireland before dawn. Here the winds will return to the west and Wednesday will dawn soon. The start of the day in Belfast may be a bit more choppy as the last of the rain ends over the Irish Sea, but the sunshine will soon shine and it will be dry for a while. During the afternoon, heavy rain will fall from the west. Temperatures in Northern Ireland will range between 7 and 10 degrees Celsius.

Rain continues to flow along the English Channel tonight which is unfortunate for flood-hit northern France. There were a few sferics showing up on the radar as well. There was a red weather warning today for the Far North due to ongoing flooding, since Storm Ciaran.

Heavy rain will appear in Bemsbourkshire and southwest England after midnight as southerly winds intensify. There will be coastal winds of 50-60mph for western Britain, higher for exposed higher ground.

As people go out on their morning commutes or travel to school, heavy rain falls from these fronts. The trailing edge appears to be showing signs of linear convection on the UKV model, where there will be a sudden spell of heavy rain and gusty winds. If you get caught in it you will be soaking.

You can see the brighter colors on the 7am rain chart over western Scotland and Wales. Heavy rain is also expected in the interior hills.

The entire area is moving east during the morning, so hopefully the location forecast will give you a guide to the timing and clarity of the rain’s arrival. Don’t be too smart about this, it’s worth checking the radar first.

UK rain

With the wind and rain it will be cold, but temperatures in southern Britain are expected to hover between 12 and 14 degrees Celsius for some time.

It looks like a wet and stormy lunchtime in south-east Britain as bands of rain head towards the North Sea. Aberdeenshire could see some heavy rain along with Orkney as the fronts move away east.

Winds will shift to the west during Wednesday and rain is expected, although Kent may have to wait until after dark. Skies will be bright across most of Britain, but heavy rain will reach western Scotland by mid-afternoon with a little wet snow falling on mountaintops. And the lively weather of Shetland with the front band running through the afternoon and into the early evening. It will be another cold night with moisture in the air.

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