Winter Storm Lorraine brings snow and wind to the Northeast

Winter Storm Lorraine brings snow and wind to the Northeast

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  • Winter Storm Lorraine will spread across the Northeast Monday night into Tuesday.
  • Heavy snow and strong winds will affect the Northeast.
  • The Boston, Hartford and New York metro areas will all be affected by the snowfall.

Winter Storm Lorraine will turn northeasterly, bringing heavy snow and strong winds to the east early this week, including from Boston to Hartford and the New York City metro areas. Travel in the area could be significantly affected on Tuesday as the storm moves quickly to the east.

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This is where Lauren is now: Snow is currently falling in parts of the Ozarks, as the latest radar shows below. Rain and thunderstorms spread across the south.


Winter Storm Watches are posted for the Northeast: The National Weather Service raised its winter storm warnings from southern New England to southeastern New York, northern New Jersey, and central and northeastern Pennsylvania.

Expect possible snowfall Tuesday morning and/or afternoon in affected areas of the Northeast, depending on location. Flight delays are also possible in major northeastern hubs on Tuesday.

It is best to avoid traveling to locations where winter storm warnings are in effect until the storm has passed.


Here are the latest timings and impacts for this winter storm: Lorraine will bring snow or a mix of rain and snow to parts of the Ozarks, Ohio Valley, Tennessee Valley and Appalachia through Monday night.

Snow or rain changing to snow will arrive in the Northeast early Tuesday. Snowfall of 1 to 3 inches per hour at times is expected to impact travel most of the day in the Northeast, while diminishing from west to east. Much of the snowfall from the storm will end by Tuesday night.

Wind gusts ranging from 30 to 40 knots per hour may accompany snowfall in some areas, leading to decreased horizontal visibility. Sporadic power outages and damage to some trees cannot be ruled out.

Minor to moderate coastal flooding is also possible with high tides during the day Tuesday, from southern New England to the mid-Atlantic coast. The Jersey Shore is particularly at risk for moderate coastal flooding.


Here’s how much snow to expect: The map below shows our current snowfall forecast for the Northeast. Most areas from northeastern Pennsylvania to southeastern New York and southern New England can expect between 5 and 12 inches, with higher totals possible locally. This includes metro Boston, Hartford and Providence.

New York City could see at least 3 to 5 inches of snow. Totals here are still uncertain and will depend on how quickly the rain changes to snow and the exact track of the storm. A quick shift to snow could raise totals more than 5 inches, while a slower shift could reduce totals.

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Snow and rain forecast

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Northeast snow and drought

It will have been at least two weeks, if not longer, since another winter’s worth of snow fell in the Northeast.

Boston, New York City and Pittsburgh are all experiencing a season-to-date snowfall deficit of at least 15 inches through February 8. New York City’s 2.3 inches is ahead of the record low from one year ago, when it was just 0.4 inches. He fell.

Most surprising is the snowy habit of Syracuse, New York. Its seasonal total of 28 inches sounds impressive, but that means 55 inches — or more than 4.5 feet — behind its average pace. It is the lowest season total to date in 91 years.

Seasonal snowfall (since fall), compared to average snowfall from season to date, in three Northeast cities through February 8, 2024.

(Data: NOAA/NWS; Chart: Infogram)

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