Winter weather alerts issued before the next cold blast

Winter weather alerts issued before the next cold blast

Now is the time to start preparing for the bitter cold that will arrive this coming week. Don’t forget the 4 ps. (pets, pipes, people, plants)

Summary of alerts

***Winter weather advice*** – Total ice accumulations of up to a tenth of an inch across parts of southeastern Louisiana and southern Mississippi late Monday night and early Tuesday morning. Difficult travel conditions are possible and may impact the commute on Tuesday morning. Slow down and be careful while traveling. Prepare for potential power outages.

***Hard Freeze Monitoring*** – Temperatures as low as 21°C are possible from Monday night to Tuesday morning. This includes Point Coupee, West Feliciana, East Feliciana, St. Helena and North Tangipahoa parishes, as well as Wilkinson and Amite counties. Note that additional parishes will be affected Tuesday night through Wednesday morning and new alerts will be issued. Frost and freeze conditions can kill crops and other sensitive plants and may damage unprotected outdoor plumbing. Take steps now to protect tender plants from the cold. To prevent outdoor water pipes from freezing and potentially bursting, they should be coiled, drained, or allowed to drip slowly. Those with in-ground sprinkler systems should drain them and cover above-ground pipes to protect them from freezing.

***Cold wind warning*** – Winds are expected to be very cold in southeastern Louisiana and southwest Mississippi. Similar temperatures could reach 5 above zero Monday night into Tuesday morning. Use caution while traveling abroad. Wear appropriate clothing, hat and gloves.

Detailed forecasts

Tonight and tomorrow: Some clouds will move in during the night hours. They will leave by dawn, but will limit how cold the morning low can be. However, it is expected to reach lows in the mid-30s. Tomorrow will see mostly sunny skies and a high around 62. This will be the best day to wrap pipes before the arctic air starts moving in on Monday.

the next: The Arctic blast will begin its invasion on Monday. Some rain is possible during the day on Monday. There is a possibility that some arctic air will interfere with some rain after dark. This could create a brief period of some freezing rain and sleet. The best chances for this to happen are north and northwest of Baton Rouge. Any ice accumulations appear to be very small, but still enough to cause some minor impacts. Light snow is expected Tuesday morning, especially on higher surfaces. As of now, widespread ice is not expected. Tuesday will be very cold with highs in the 30s and wind chills in the 20s. Wednesday morning will have lows in the teens and even colder wind chills. Thermometers will bounce back into the 40s Wednesday afternoon and continue to moderate from there, but will remain below average for the rest of the week. Some rain is expected late Thursday into Friday. This will lead to another significant drop in temperatures by the end of the week.

Hard freeze – Expect low temperatures below 25 degrees Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Exposed pipes that are not properly insulated can freeze or burst. Wrap it in foam, newspaper or cloth and gently drip the spout overnight. Sensitive plants will be killed if not covered or moved indoors.

Wind chill -North winds of 10-15 mph will cause people and pets to feel temperatures or wind chills in the lower teens and 20s Tuesday morning through Wednesday morning. Make sure people and pets stay warm. Limit the time you spend outside, be sure to wear many light, loose layers, and keep extremities such as toes, fingers, and ears covered.

falling – Generally light rain is expected from Monday to Monday evening. Enough cold air may arrive for a few hours of sleet or sleet before the precipitation ends very early Tuesday morning. At this time, very limited impacts are expected along and south of I-12, but some light ice accumulation is likely north and west of Baton Rouge and into southwest Mississippi.

ice – Residual moisture from overnight rain could lead to some patchy ice Tuesday morning, especially on elevated, exposed surfaces. Along with the possibility of freezing rain (see above), some slick spots on the roads are possible. Stay informed of the weather forecast and listen to local officials for road conditions and safety messages.

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