Winter weather alerts posted for the DC area

Winter weather alerts posted for the DC area

Winter will soon invade southern Louisiana. The Storm Station tracks frigid temperatures, dangerous wind chills, and the risk of winter precipitation.

Tonight and tomorrow: Skies will remain mostly clear for most of Sunday evening. However, clouds will increase during the night hours as a polar front slides into the region. Monday’s temperatures will be challenging because it all depends on the location of that front. Areas closer to Lake Maurepas/Pontchartrain and New Orleans may reach the 50s and 60s, while Baton Rouge may struggle to rebound into the mid-40s. Areas northwest of Baton Rouge could stay in the 30s. Whatever happens, everyone will see arctic air by Monday night.

falling – The sky is overcast on Monday. Light rain will be possible in isolated areas. All this should be in the form of rain during the day. We will make an exception for parts of Pointe Coupee/West Feliciana parishes along with southwest Mississippi where it may be cold enough for some light freezing rain in the late morning and afternoon. For everyone else, including Baton Rouge, arctic air could interfere with precipitation as the evening approaches. Light freezing rain/drizzle will be possible into the overnight hours before calming down early Tuesday.

iceResidual moisture from evening/overnight rain could produce some patchy ice Tuesday morning, especially on higher, exposed surfaces. Along with the possibility of freezing rain (see above), some slick spots on the roads are possible. Slow down and be careful while traveling. Given how warm the weather has been recently coupled with the stormy conditions, widespread ice is not expected. Stay informed of the weather forecast and listen to local officials for road conditions and safety messages.

a ***Winter weather advice*** It is in effect from 6pm Monday to 9am Tuesday due to the possibility of freezing rain. Total ice accumulations reach a tenth of an inch across parts of southeastern Louisiana and southern Mississippi late Monday night and early Tuesday morning. Again, primarily on raised and exposed surfaces.

the next: After some winter rain, we can’t get rid of Old Man Winter. We will see our first hard freeze of the year on Tuesday with lows in the mid 20s. Although the sun rises quickly Tuesday morning, we will only be able to get a couple of degrees above the freezing mark by the afternoon. After that, temperatures will drop further until Wednesday morning when temperatures could reach lows in the teens. We will see gradual improvement before another disruption passes. Behind this system, we could see more hard freezes over the weekend.

Hard freeze – With temperatures near or below 25 degrees Celsius on Tuesday and Wednesday, we will see the first hard freeze in more than a year. Exposed pipes that are not properly insulated can freeze or burst. Wrap it in foam, newspaper or cloth and gently drip the spout overnight. Sensitive plants will be killed if not covered or moved indoors.

a ***Hard Freeze Monitoring*** Effective for Pointe Coupee, West Feliciana, East Feliciana and St. Paul parishes. Helena and northern Tangipahoa as well as Wilkinson and Amite counties.

Even if you’re not on the watch, we advise you to protect the 4Cs (people, pets, plants, and pipes) regardless. Note that additional parishes will be affected Tuesday night through Wednesday morning and new alerts will be issued.

Wind chill – a ***Cold wind warning*** It takes effect across most of the D.C. area Monday evening. North winds of 10-20 mph will cause people and pets to feel temperatures or wind chills in the teens Tuesday morning. Although the winds will ease slightly Wednesday morning, air temperatures will still be in the teens. Any slight breeze will produce cooler wind chills.

Make sure people and pets stay warm. Limit the time you spend outside, be sure to wear many light, loose layers, and keep extremities such as toes, fingers, and ears covered.

-Meteorologist Malcolm Byron

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