Best weather apps for Windows 10 and 11

Best weather apps for Windows 10 and 11

Windows 11 has a built-in weather widget that displays basic weather information, including temperature, forecast for the upcoming week, and precipitation.

But a good weather app can do so much more than that. It can give you hurricane or severe weather alerts and air quality information so you can plan your outings accordingly. Here are the best weather apps for Windows 10 and 11 to suit your purpose and style.

Windows 11 features a weather widget in the lower left corner of the taskbar. Hover over or click the widget icon to view all widgets.

The Weather widget displays weather information needed to plan your day. It shows the temperature for the current area, the lowest and highest temperature for today and the next few days, and cloud cover information.

Fetches information from the MSN Weather Forecast Web application. Click on any weather condition to view detailed information on the web app. However, it is a primitive app for those who need to know the temperature for the day and whether it will rain.

To customize the widget, click the three-dot menu and select Customize. Here, you can change the location and switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can use the Microsoft MSN Weather app for Windows if you need more.

Msn Weather app runs on Windows

MSN Weather is a weather application developed by Microsoft. It provides you with the latest weather information and helps you plan your day based on the weather forecast.

It features a sleek interface that displays your area, current temperature, and cloud status at a glance. Moreover, you can also view other details such as wind speed, humidity, visibility, air quality index (ACI) and dew points.

You can view up to ten days of data on an hourly basis. The Day Details section provides predictive information during the day, night and moon phases. Scroll down, and you can view weather history regarding rain and temperature for the same day over the past three decades.

Click on the weather map to see how the temperature has changed over the past 24 hours. You can also watch cloud formation via satellite and rainfall for the same period.

download:MSN Weather App (Free)

Foreca Weather runs on Windows 11

Foreca Weather is a weather forecasting application for Windows with a clean user interface and many customization options. With automatic location detection, it can display weather forecasts from an impressive 140,000+ locations.

What sets Foreca Weather apart from other apps is its five-day and 10-day weather forecast feature. At a glance, you can view current weather information, including temperature, perception, and wind information. But it lacks humidity, visibility and air quality index features.

You can also view a rain and cloud map throughout the day and get precipitation notifications. Add locations to favorites to view weather forecasts for multiple locations at once.

Furthermore, you can customize the app to trigger rainfall notifications for your current and preferred location, change the temperature scale in Fahrenheit and Celsius, time format, and the unit of measurement for wind and rain.

download: Weather forecast (free)

Windows Weather 14 Days app runs on Windows 11

The Weather 14 Days is a finely designed weather forecasting application for Windows. Displays a 14-day weather forecast, supports multiple locations, rain maps, animated radar, and weather alerts.

The app automatically detects your location and displays basic weather details, including temperature, humidity, and hourly weather information for the next 12 hours. Click on any date within the next 14 days to view detailed information for the selected date. The modern design shows weather conditions, including wind, highest and lowest temperatures, and more.

Furthermore, you can add multiple locations and view animated rain and snow maps and forecasts on radar and satellite images.

download: Weather 14 days (free)

5. My Radar

    Myradar Windows Weather App running on Windows 11

MyRadar may not be very popular among Windows users, but it has more than 50 million downloads on iOS and Android platforms. It is a weather forecasting app that displays an animated weather radar for your current location.

You can select your area or view other parts of the map by using scroll to zoom. After selecting an area, click on the forecast icon to view the temperature, air quality index, and precipitation forecast at a glance.

You can also view hourly weather forecasts for today and up to 10-day forecasts for temperature, precipitation, wind, and cloud cover. It also provides weather warnings and alerts for your area via push notifications.

On the other hand, MyRadar is not available in all countries, which may also affect its accuracy. For example, someone living in Santa Fe is more likely to be shown an accurate weather forecast than someone living in India. Therefore, your mileage may vary depending on where you live.

download: MyRadar (Free and Premium versions available)

Simpleweather Windows app runs on Windows 11

SimpleWeather, as the name indicates, is a simple weather app to get weather forecasts for your current locations and other locations. The main screen displays the current, highest and lowest temperature for the day. As you scroll down, the forecast for the next few days, hourly weather details, UV Index, and Air Quality Index will be displayed.

During setup, you can choose the location and frequency of weather forecast updates and your preferred unit of temperature measurement to set up the app. In the left pane, you can view severe weather alerts, weather radar, and your favorite locations.

SimpleWeather works well for the most part, except when it chooses to crash when trying to access the radar feature. It also fails to save your initial setup configuration and requires you to redo it.

download: SimpleWeather (Free)

Strawberry Weather app runs on Windows 11

StrawBerry Weather is a lightweight weather forecasting application for Windows. It features a basic user interface and offers up to five days of weather details, including temperature, cloud information, wind, humidity, and pressure.

By default, OpenWeatherMap is used to access current weather data and a five-day forecast that is updated every three hours. However, you can change the weather data source to Dark Sky to get more accurate local weather forecasts with more frequent updates.

download: Strawberry Weather (Free)

Best weather apps for Windows 10 and 11

Whether you're planning a quick errand or the next family trip, Windows weather apps can help you check current conditions, including temperature, humidity, wind, and long-range forecasts to help you plan.

Alternatively, the Weather interface is an excellent addition to your Windows system. A good weather interface can give you a more detailed and convenient way to check the weather forecast without using a specific weather app.

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