How to check the weather in Windows 11

How to check the weather in Windows 11

Checking the weather every morning is a great way to prepare for the next day. With the help of technological tools like weather apps, you'll know whether to apply sunscreen on a sunny day or keep an umbrella handy for potential rain showers. If you're using Windows 11, you can access the weather forecast in seconds through your Settings and Apps library. Learn about the best weather apps for Windows 11 and how to find them in your settings.

Checking the weather made easy

You have a number of options when it comes to checking the weather in Windows 11. Here are three weather widgets that are easily accessible on a Windows 11 device:

Weather widget

Windows Gadgets are tools built into Windows 11 that can be seen on your desktop. They appear as small cards and can be rearranged or removed based on your interests. If you like to check the weather frequently, you can pin a weather widget to the top of your widget. The weather widget displays the local temperature and UV index, as well as weather conditions and forecast for the day. To access the Tools panel, select Windows logo key + W Or swipe the left edge of your screen. You can also enable the toolbar button in the taskbar by going to Settings > Personalization > Taskbar And switch Widget option.

Weather application for Windows

While the weather widget is a simple way to check the weather at a glance, you may also need more specific information, such as a 10-day forecast and hourly weather forecast. The Weather app for Windows is pre-installed on your device and can give you more detailed weather updates, including sunset times and moon phases. To access the Weather app for Windows, select Windows logo key And go to weather.

Microsoft Edge browser

With Microsoft Edge, you can get live weather updates every time you search the Internet. Microsoft Edge shows you the local temperature in the top right of every new tab, so you always know what to expect before heading outside. You can also view the Air Quality Index and get a more detailed weather summary in a separate tab by selecting the weather icon.

Use your favorite weather apps

Already have a weather app you like? You can download it to your device by visiting the Microsoft App Store. Use the search bar to search for free and paid weather apps that can easily be added to your app library. If you like to see weather forecasts on the news, you can download your favorite news app to watch local updates.

Looking for more tips for Windows 11? Check out the Windows Learning Center to find more useful articles. If you haven't already upgraded your operating system, you can check your device's compatibility and upgrade to Windows 11 today.

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